Understanding Souls

Date: 2018-05-25
Understanding Souls

When you observe some seemingly incompatible horoscopes, it is important not to jump to conclusions guided by difficult aspects between two Moons. Since it is a celestial entity that holds our deepest sensitivities and our truthful childish happiness, the Moon stands as an antenna for other people, guiding us towards our pains and joys until we are ready to love ourselves in all truth and glory.

Moon and Moon

When Moons of two people combine in a positive aspect, it is obvious that their bond will show a certain recognition that comes with ease and laughter. Depending on the rest of the synastry, of course. However, when a person’s Moon is in need of some cleansing and striving to get in touch with the shadows of one’s heart, we will see that it naturally attracts people whose Moon stands to challenge their own. Not only is such a contact not negative, but in fact it can be more fulfilling and supportive than a positive one, given the fact that compassion and understanding received in such bonds exceeds that of those we live through in our everyday lives. 

If you imagine two glasses of water, a trine or a sextile look like a stable exchange of flow, where one glass fills the other to the top only to be filled in return the very next moment. Moving and flowing, such a positive bond creates balance in inner worlds of two individuals slowly, through a healthy interaction that is easy to follow. On the other hand, a challenging aspect looks a bit like these two glasses simultaneously trying to throw their insides one onto the other. This will lead to a big “splash” and a lot of water dripping and flowing all around them, while both seem to end up empty. With this metaphor in mind, we can see that such relationships tend to get all emotional content out in the open, where everything can be seen in full clarity and let go of.

The Feel

There is an obvious constructive side to such intense relationships, and while these people show entirely different habits and approaches to life, we will see that they trigger each other’s most painful issues that are intertwined, inseparable, and always two sides of the same coin. Challenging aspects naturally all come from the signs of the same quality, and while they may seem unconnectable, they have a lot more to share than meets the eye. 

When one runs away from their own inner shadows in fear, they will see these relationships as too problematic to last and easily turn to their ego to explain misunderstandings that blur the image and distance them from their own heart. However, a Soul that is ready to deal will recognize the incredible potential that such a bond carries its way. It will manifest through the need to share, the momentum that guides us to our deepest point of pain only to remind us how vulnerable and wonderful we really are. This treasure of our glasses emptied and freedom that comes once we realize that the person standing in front of us is empty too, is something that we can be immensely grateful for. 

The opposing Moon will bring tears to our eyes, push us into honesty, unavoidable and beautiful. It is a set of eyes that see through us, the mirror among mirrors to serve our deepest emotional need. It is a person that cries with us, for they see the pain that so many of us share. Realizing that this is the point of recognition we needed all along, we can finally take our rightful place under the stars, ready to stand there in pain and happiness just the same, satisfied to simply be who we are today. 

Squaring Moons are somewhat different, for the issues shared between these individuals are in relation to the world outside of the relationship. This is a contact that allows us to see something entirely different that can be sensed as the same, and patterns triggered will serve as an obvious turn that leads to a change of pace and influence all relationships we have with other people. Squaring Moons are an open door for new ways of connecting, new social circles, and ways to embrace our own inconsistencies and inner battles with more understanding for our key dilemmas. These people will connect when a sharp turn is to be made towards personal satisfaction, and typically be in a stronger link with the material world and our circumstances. 

The Process

If we see each relationship as a part of a large process we are going through on a path of life, we will also see that these “negative Moonly matters” serve a purpose that is in fact magnificent. If we manage to separate from the collective flows and meet each other eye to eye, the surprise of the outcome will truly be worth living for. Instead of putting each other in any drawers, we are to see those different Souls from different backgrounds as our greatest potential to grow, and the Moon is the best point in our chart to show us the way. If any entity has the true ability to connect, it is this small satellite that controls our earthly tides, through an easy flow or even better, through a supportive challenge. 

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