Yearly Cancer Horoscope for 2019

2019 Cancer Horoscope

Spirit: Body, Routine, Structure, Equation.
Color: Indigo.
Places to visit: Nepal, California, Switzerland.
Things to learn: Mountain Climbing, Bioenergetic Healing, Acro Yoga.

The General Feel

Learning about physiology, your body and the healthiest routine you could hold on to will take place during 2019. Your job could expand, as well as your role in any structured environment, but relationships still suffer from the tough and stone-cold energy of Saturn in your seventh house. This is a year when a lot will get done, and responsibility is to be shared equally, without guilt being shifted in the process from one side onto the other. Mistakes made are to finally be left in the past and you are to forgive yourself for all those times when you didn’t protect yourself out of fear or strict expectations of your environment.

Be gentle and slow, meeting people inch by inch, step by step, even those you’ve known for a long time. Your ambition will drive you into deep and meaningful partnerships and you could tie the knot, sign papers that give a special depth to professional relationships and do something exquisite with enough focus and rest to keep you organized and strong. Although this may be a difficult year in some ways and hope could get lost from time to time, everything will slowly fall into place and you will feel stronger and more supported as time goes by.

The Greatest Challenges

The atmosphere of the entire year is a bit dim and dark, for people who stand in front of you don’t seem to have what it takes to connect in pure emotion. The struggle will reach culmination from the middle of May until the end of June, and everything will slowly move upwards from that point on. Don’t be aggressive and lose it over small issues. Instead, embrace your anger, feel its constructive force, and allow it to help you to move forwards instead of getting you stuck in a loop of inadequacy. You need it to blow wind into your sails and push you into turns that are good for you, your body and your heart.

The Greatest Rewards

Your working ethics will pay off and your brain will slowly cleanse as the year progresses and you find your way through rounds of emotions that you couldn’t resolve sooner. The summer brings relief, even if you had to go through touch changes, cuts and difficult decisions that distanced you from people you love. Be proud of yourself, for this is the year when you have a chance to return the pressure you took from other people, and a fair share of responsibility is finally to be left where it belongs. You are about to set free, once again, even if you don’t exactly see this every step of the way.

Physiology and Body

Physical existence plays the greatest part of this year, and you are about to learn that your body is sending signals to follow in all other areas of life. Listen to sensations in your belly and your lungs, all those things felt beneath your skin when you interact with others and need to face big decisions in life. Communicate with yourself and your sensations within, and you will be rewarded by healing and regeneration. Dangerous activities should be avoided in the springtime, especially in June, and an adrenaline rush might influence your kidney and blood pressure. The end of July challenges your intestines, as too much will need to be metabolized that you might have had trouble facing along the way. Embrace all emotions that come to surface, seeing anger and sorrow as friends that need to be seen and acknowledged so you can finally move on.

Love and Family

Although at times friendships might seem more important than romances and family, this is only due to their role of a guiding light needed to make you comfortable and support you at the moment. Inconsistent partnerships will break, and your loved ones might be too distant to support you even in the most basic issues. It is time to lower your guard and return responsibility for the way others are treating you, as well as remind yourself that you are to protect yourself, first. It is important not to bottle things up, for they could cause damage to your neurological state and make you restless when you should be calm about choices that are moral and true to your heart.

Work and Finances

September brings the most interesting work opportunities and finances could blossom by the end of the year, if you work hard enough and choose partners that are true and solid. You need structure to rely on, and this is a time when it is good to remain a part of a large system, a company to guard your back and make you feel secure about your future. Authority figures could be too demanding, but this won’t distance you from the process of learning and adequate advancements over time, especially in the fall. Don’t let anyone take away the value of your work and instead of struggling against the tide, embrace your talents, relax, and show others you are willing to go with the flow and make play out of tiresome working routines.

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