Yearly Capricorn Horoscope for 2019

2019 Capricorn Horoscope

Spirit: Endure, Reliable, Time, Limitations.
Color: Olive.
Places to visit: Shri Lanka, Namibia, Texas.
Things to learn: Horseback Riding, Ice Sculpting, Tango.

The General Feel

This is a good time for all solid plans that have a good foundation and goals with a higher purpose to lead you forwards. Saturn is at home in your sign, and while this may be a bit pressuring and difficult, bringing all sorts of troubles with authority figures in your life, it can also be rewarding if you work hard enough on things that inspire you and come from your heart. Professional progress will be made, and you won’t be touched by interferences of others that mess with your plans, for nothing can move you from a trail you chose to follow.

Although a bit stubborn, strict or stiff, you are ready to take full responsibility for your own life and all your efforts will be put in things that you believe are good for you. Pay attention to your dreams and your subconscious world, and make sure you are free from ties of the past and emotional blackmail that pulls you backwards. You need to believe in the purpose and meaning of all things that happened in the past, so you can see your future clearly and commit to all the right values and morals along the way.

The Greatest Challenges

Spring and summer won’t be as easy on your emotional world, and you are about to face conflicts that have accumulated for a while and can’t seem to be resolved, no matter your approach and the feel for justice. Wrong people could get in powerful places and positions you wanted to conquer in August and September, but this shouldn’t push you away from the career that inspires and motivates you. Wait for the right moment to act and your efforts will be rewarded in ways you didn’t even see as possible. Believe in yourself to get ahead and truly make progress during 2019.

The Greatest Rewards

Dealing with the past an digging up things that have been left behind is about to be extremely useful and fruitful in the long run. You have a chance to rebuild important systems and structure that is meant to support you for much bigger projects than other people are hoping for. Stay focused and calm, so you can truly see the benefits as they pile up on one another even if the end result is still too far to see, use and enjoy. You will find yourself in the right place at the right time, as if you were truly the only person meant to reach certain positions and become the leader for those who don’t show the same amount of initiative and endurability.

Physiology and Body

Summer months will be tough on your physiology, and it won’t be easy to determine the real cause of any issue that comes to light. This is a year when too much pressure will affect your neck, your spine, and your knees, and you should be careful when skiing, running, and committing to any demanding activity that strains your knuckles and your back. Spleen and your entire stomach might suffer from toxic relationships, especially if you decide to make too many compromises and sacrifices where middle grounds should have been found.

Love and Family

Sexuality or aggression might become a special issue in your close contacts, with your partner and within your family as spring comes to an end. Right after the period of stability and focus on important matters in the world of finances and profession, the time will come when you will find it next to impossible to enjoy simple activities in your spare time instead of biting through ambition. The shift of blame that might lead long-term and important relationships to their end is about to threaten your system in July, and you are to be honest and calm enough to pull through with your head held high. Don’t be too hard on others or yourself for mistakes made remembering that we are all only human.

Work and Finances

Professional world of Capricorn representatives is about to blossom, especially for those who have worked on important issues and projects for years. Some large cycles will be finished, and you won’t have a feeling you are spinning in circles anymore, free to discover new options and make new plans to follow. You are to feel as if you have already become the person you wished to be, so you can rest and find time that brings peace and relaxation to your body and soul. Finances will be a direct proof of your efforts, especially as the autumn approaches and new opportunities to earn more are to open in front of you. Take your rewards with a smile on your face and make sure they are suitable and in sync with the true value of the work you put in.

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