Yearly Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

2022 Capricorn Horoscope

Spirit: Transformation, Emotion, Outstanding, Connect.
Color: Pearl White.
Places to visit if possible: Mongolia, Bahamas, Vancouver.
Things to learn: Tango, Massage, Tai Chi.

The General Feel

Faith is examined and reexamined numerous times in lives of Capricorns in 2022. You may find perfect balance and still feel imbalanced, just like you could seek balance in things that don’t really satisfy you to begin with. Rationality loses value and months of spring are not as light and bright for you as other sun signs may feel them to be. Still, wonderful words will be shared and have the power to heal. Thoughts are supportive of your path and what you feel is the right thing to do. There are things that you don’t see clearly, and idealization may become a serious issue, as well as lack of rest and relaxation to get full insight on what is truly possible.

This can be your year of healing, positive energies, situations that are fun and carefree in their core. Don’t let negative emotions and ties to the past weigh you down when offerings of the world are much wider and easy to catch. November and December will enrich you with a new perspective on difficulties, making it easier to turn yourself in a new direction if you’ve been holding on to things that are outdated and limiting. Speak your mind openly and freely, expecting nothing less in return. Who knows which door might open if you believe in the positive intent of your own inner being, just as vulnerable and sensitive as it is?

The Greatest Challenges

There is hardly anything ideal in the world, but this should not hold your creativity and passion down. It is not easy for the Sun in Capricorn to focus on carefree feelings without questioning them and burdening your own days with doubt. Keep in mind that openness of heart even with greatest disappointments awaiting still affects all areas of life in a positive tone. You have everything you need within you. Don’t close yourself up for beautiful things in the world.

The Greatest Rewards

Turned a bit upside-down compared to other sun signs in 2022, you can see the faults in the good and the good in the bad. Your greatest asset is the ability to seek balance where it is lacking. This requires healthy boundaries that may be difficult to set, but the sense of satisfaction and confidence that wait for you down the road are a reward you truly wish to receive. Stay open for relationships that bring inspiration and love into your world, as intimacy heals some of your wounds even when it triggers others over time. Build more love for Self just as the Universe supports you to.

Physiology and Body

Reminders of the throat chakra to openly communicate and express your needs may come through throat or neckaches, thyroid dysfunction or problems with vocal cords. Cleanse, drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. This is a good time to balance body mass on grounds of evolution and inner work rather than a routine you are trying to impose on yourself. Work with your emotions instead of working against them and balance will be reached by the end of the year. Check hormones and reproductive organs in December, aware of the sense of satisfaction and lack of creativity in areas of life where energies may be blocked. Your body is a system of information that needs to be listened to in the process of learning and personal progress.

Love and Family

You have a lot on your mind, but emotional matters won’t be helped by overthinking. Discuss your feelings, allowing others to surprise you with the level of commitment and empathy they really have. It is time to recognize love in the simplest of deeds, to proceed with a sense of gratitude and build new bonds on solid grounds. Capricorns that have been in toxic romantic involvements lately have a chance to disconnect, remind themselves of true values and moral choices they wish to make.

It is important to be brave, protect those who are younger, your children and those you are responsible for. Emotion needs to find its place in your world, even in situations where work suffers, and your profession is deeply questioned due to lack of dedication to outer goals. Feel happy with people who make you smile, trusting your gut feeling when something is wrong. In the course of 2022, you must make time for balance of emotion with status, achievements or finances that take your energy away unnecessarily. The end of the year may bring disappointments in a partner or a close family member, serving as new information and knowledge not meant to distance you from your ideals, but to bring you closer to them.

Work and Finances

You are no longer in the mood to stay in workplaces and surroundings that make you unhappy or nervous. This could be a year of grand professional changes when personal issues overlap with your career, and it becomes impossible to ignore parts of yourself in either area of life. Financial successes can be expected in March and April if you put a lot of your energy into them, but the sense of financial security won’t make you happy if you don’t bring your intimate relationships to life and feel joyous apart from existential matters. Go with the flow and let the start of winter surprise you with different opportunities and changes to your entire professional mindset.

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