Yearly Capricorn Horoscope for 2021

2021 Capricorn Horoscope

Spirit: Spiritual, Division, Balance, Break.
Color: Blue.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Israel, South African Republic, Alaska.
Things to learn: Ballroom Dancing, Risk Management, Financial Astrology.

The General Feel

You have done numerous stabilizing things that were required for goals that you wish to turn to in 2021. Still, abilities and confidence are tested throughout the year, as well as your flexibility and the potential to take on new challenges and handle stress. Innovative thinking is required for any professional endeavor and differences between people are about to turn on red lamps as the main problem and the main source of conflict in months ahead. On the other hand, it is those differences that make your experiences richer and open doors to personal evolution and changes you truly wish to make.

You need to feel socially accepted while at the same time standing out proud of yourself no matter what anyone says. Systems will break and disrespect comes with certain battles, but the spiritual world supports you to learn, expand, explore, and do something risky that will pay off if you are patient enough. Long-term friendships will be tested for consistency. Stay honest and open for changes and new distances that are necessary to preserve the respect. Love stories may develop in the strangest of times, among good friends and where you least expect them to be found. Enjoy the rollercoaster and don’t let the tension prevail when you can use the situation in the best possible way.

The Greatest Challenges

Try not to take things personally. Words spoken lead to misunderstandings that could become fixed and seemingly unchangeable. Speak your mind and listen to what is being said between the lines, so you don’t get carried away by interpretations from your mind that distance you from those who never had ill intentions at all. The end of June and beginning of July bring challenges to your emotional world, sexuality, marriage, or partnerships that were supposed to last for a lifetime. Leave room to learn about others every day and be careful not to take anything for granted or be taken for granted yourself.

The Greatest Rewards

By the end of the year, it becomes clear that love and beauty have their real and touchable place in your world. You will no longer wish to settle for less than what you know you need and deserve and matters of self-worth will be shaken to the core until you embrace yourself fully. This is a time when selflove becomes your most important imperative and what separates you from the system and the crowd is what will make you feel beautiful and worthy of all those goals that are inspiring and come from your authentic core.

Physiology and Body

Neck, throat and thyroid function could get disturbed by the inability to express yourself freely and speak your mind openly. Try not to swallow emotions in the attempt to be rational and tough, learning from people around you that take attention for their heart as a given. Relax the chest, breathe, and make room for your heart to heal. Buried emotions could lead to sudden repetition of chronic conditions that you thought you managed to resolve. Yoga, pilates and all sorts of stretching techniques are welcome and improve both physical and mental flexibility. Choose alternative and preventive medical methods and experiment with them while relying on instinct.

Love and Family

Your Sun\'s ruler is entering the sign of Aquarius, leading to struggles with opposing energies and differences with people that are close to you every day. This is not exactly the time for stable love and family stories if there is not enough personal freedom to them. Children could rebel against your structure, traditions could get broken or disrespected, and your tolerance must be found within empathy and understanding instead of holding any grudges or doing things out of spite towards those you love.

Limitations must be accepted with personal space for each individual to have their own path and line of choices. Too much pressure could lead to breakups and the search for freedom could take everyone in different directions and create distance where you would like to feel closeness. On the other hand, this is a great time for sexuality, following your instincts and listening to the natural move of your body. However smart you are or loyal to certain things from the past, you have a chance to overcome conflict with simple movement, listening to your hunch, and seeing the reality of other people\'s past that brought on issues they carry on their shoulders.

Work and Finances

Big risks could test you and push you over the edge several times in 2021. Finances may blossom one month only to entirely fade in the next one, and you must be careful to save something on the side from any salary or freelance gain. On the other hand, bursts of emotional need will lead you in strange directions, push you to overspend only to remember your common sense and usual rationality. You will find that what you need most is balance. Teamwork and solitary projects will differ greatly, with middle grounds hard to find. Spend enough time alone to understand your position clearly every step of the way.

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