Yearly Gemini Horoscope for 2022

2022 Gemini Horoscope

Spirit: History, Repetition, Constructive, Depth.
Color: Red.
Places to visit if possible: Japan, United Kingdom, Texas.
Things to learn: Archery, Kickboxing, Sculpting.

The General Feel

Geminis begin 2022 with their sign’s ruler moving through its shadow and this announces some shady and unclear issues through the course of the year. Depth of research and information should be taken seriously, so they can build a healthy foundation, make room to have fun and create better surroundings by the end of the year. What does not serve growth will naturally fall off, quickly and without much fuss, leaving you with enough energy to deal with any problems and obstacles along the way. This is a year to rebuild strength, and healthy everyday choices make a difference that is rewarding and obvious.

Some wonderful opportunities and love stories might seem to pass you by if your heart is not open. Interactions with others should be intimate and clear, so you can find joy in daily matters and be inspired by situations that lead you in the right direction. Envy of any kind could distract you as you are to learn from fortunes of others and find a better way to express yourself and your own needs in the process. Turn judgment into a lesson and try not to rationalize success and partnerships of those whose deeds are difficult to accept. Good will return multiplied but change of perspective is necessary in the process.

The Greatest Challenges

In October, Mars will not only turn retrograde in your sun sign, but will also be out of bounds, leaving very little room to compromise. Focus on the physiology is your main imperative at this time, as initiative and life energies depend on the way you treat your body. You could find yourself thrown off by frustration, seeing certain goals as too distant or impossible, but with the first step in the right direction, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

The Greatest Rewards

As you set free to have some fun and express your emotional needs freely, grand love stories begin. Single Geminis will easily be swept off their feet and thrown into an entirely new chapter of their love life, while those married and in long term relationships face changes that serve to expand their horizons and rebuild communication that got lost. Stay honest and openhearted, choosing laughter over seriousness, and brave to pursue new feelings wherever they might lead.

Physiology and Body

With your Sun in the element of Air, you are constantly summoned to turn to physiology for answers and all health-related issues should be deciphered as information that comes from your own unconscious world. Walking is essential and extremely balancing, keeping you productive and grounded enough to remain practical no matter what comes your way. Hormonal imbalance in spring months will be resolved as you establish a healthy exercise and sleep routine, and summer months should be peaceful in terms of self-care. Autumn brings some more difficult energies, when it may become hard to keep the rhythm as healthy as your body needs it to be. Blood pressure is unstable and kidney function should be checked and supported by your diet, especially if you face situations that make you anxious or afraid. Move away from things that damage your sense of safety to keep your body safe as well.

Love and Family

Your seventh house ruler is about to meet with Venus fully exalted in April, bringing promise of incredibly romantic and loving situations and relationships. Don’t pass on new opportunities just because they seem unrealistic, keeping your beliefs as flexible as they need to be to embrace something truly fulfilling. When the light in your heart is sparked, the final turnout may not even be important, even if you get disappointed along the way. You are ready for bravery and a new perspective, aligning yourself with it through music, dance, art, and diving into wonderful emotions.

An addition to the family is possible, as well as realistic plans to widen your living space and change the situation that makes you feel imprisoned in any way. If you are planning to relocate or move with your entire family, seek a place filled with light and a clear view. Some opportunities should not be missed even if they don’t develop the way you might expect them to. Enjoy the ride and do what you feel like doing to express your talents and feed needs that have been neglected for a while. You have a goal – to make yourself happy by choosing people in your life whose presence makes you feel deep gratitude.

Work and Finances

Professional matters are mostly disturbed by fluctuations in your own attitude during retrograde movements of Mercury, especially in May when it is about to turn in your sun sign. This could be the period of self-questioning and doubt, as well as a time when you feel willing to leave your own successes aside just to give too much power to another person or someone you love. Make sure you seek balance in your daily routine, so you don’t get completely thrown off by your own feelings and expectations. December is a critical time for finances and delays are to be expected. Save something for a rainy day in the first couple of months of the year so you remain safe if unexpected expenses disturb you in its final months.

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