Yearly Leo Horoscope for 2022

2022 Leo Horoscope

Spirit: Faith, Inspiration, Heal, Dishonesty.
Color: Lilac.
Places to visit if possible: Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Faroe Islands.
Things to learn: Ice sculpting, Capoeira, Astrology.

The General Feel

Leos are in for an emotional year in 2022, when things tend to be shoved under the carpet or buried too deep. Most of all, this year requires time given to yourself, to your internal processes, to get through them one by one and be free to move on with lessons learned. The first couple of months emphasize the level frustration you’ve been dealing with. At some point, you will have no choice but to break patterns that keep you in negative surroundings and social circles. As the year continues in a positive tone, it will not be easy to shift your own emotional states and go back to the trusting person you can be when you truly feel safe.

Consider this a time of trial and error, when everything is allowed, and things must be tried out if you are to learn what you can and cannot expect in certain surroundings. Just as one situation carries you away and reminds you of your own joyful nature and motivation, another comes to remind you of what was buried and weighs you back. While this may be frustrating, it is an excellent opportunity to learn from experience and find new ways to help yourself recover swiftly, releasing emotions that are toxic for your heart. Illusions must shatter in order for true opportunities to show.

The Greatest Challenges

Keep the faith, primarily faith in yourself. This should allow your inner light to fight off demons of the past and stiff patterns that constantly repeat in your life while you try to move on. Final clarity on burdening issues is reached in November and you will find meaning in events that you’ve been returning to, back and forth, for months. This could also be the most challenging month as your goals don’t seem to find a proper foundation if you are not careful, and your roots might get shaken so you can find your center of actual need.

The Greatest Rewards

Once the dust settles, and you tenderly release the past to remain where it belongs, you will see the sea of opportunities in front of you. Summer months are a good time for adventure and chasing after spontaneity regardless of deep learning and all the issues that take away a lot of your energy. Ideals are not only reached for, but really within reach, for Leos who manage to set free with gratitude and devotion to their Soul’s sense of joy.

Physiology and Body

With the structure shaken, extreme force to push towards any goal could trigger chronic conditions or lead to your body shutting down on you in some way. Rest is essential and without it your spine, bones and joints might suffer injuries as if the Universe is trying to slow you down. Read the signals, take good care of your sleeping patterns, pay attention to your dreams, and don’t let the outer world throw you completely off balance. A chase for status is bad for the stomach, especially if you are not in love with the work you do. Ulcers and all sorts of stomach conditions are a reminder that you should return to the real, childlike you, as there is really no outer norm that you are supposed to meet.

Love and Family

This is generally a wonderful year for love, with the grand meeting of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, but this entire event takes place in the sign you have trouble accepting in all its width. It won’t be easy to find trust that will inspire you to move in a direction that your heart craves for. Ask yourself if your system of beliefs is standing in the way and if an intense loving emotion is worth possible hurt that might come down the road. If it is, go for it, and don’t think twice. Sexuality has a chance to blossom and heal important parts of your wounded past Self.

Time spent with kids does good for your entire perspective and for your immune system. If you are a parent, organize city breaks and getaways as often as possible, to recharge and spend quality time with children, learning about your own potential in the process. If not, surrounding yourself with family members who are openminded is always a good idea, but only if your communication and time give focus on the future you wish to create. No matter the love you are feeling for someone, if their issues weigh you down, remember where your responsibility ends and where their responsibility begins.

Work and Finances

The greatest challenge of 2022 in lives of Leo representatives is focus. With too many things on your mind, you could find yourself in a trap of attempting to commit to all of them at once. Set low professional goals to begin with, leaving room for private and personal matters to take their course. Too much pressure will lead to burnouts that will drain your motivation and affect your physiology in a way you would rather avoid. Take good care of your body and mind, regardless of pressure imposed by expectations of colleagues, authorities, or the world. Do not take loans in October and November, keeping your finances safe, and think about small but significant plans for savings that will give you the energy needed if a project turns sour in the last several months of the year.

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