Yearly Leo Horoscope for 2021

2021 Leo Horoscope

Spirit: Outwards, Show, Sparkle, Surprise.
Color: Gold.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Canada, Chile, Laos.
Things to learn: Spanish Language, Capoeira, Family Constellation Therapy.

The General Feel

Year 2021 is off to an intense start for all Leos, bringing in strong energies of Saturn and Jupiter into your seventh house and an opposition with your fixed and powerful Sun. This will affect all relationships in your life, starting with those that are unstable and burdened with too much compromise. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. You are beginning to see that your humane approach may take away the dignity and responsibility of those that should carry their own burden. Mind your own business and work on personal boundaries and space that everyone needs for their own processes. It is time to see the light even in other people\'s shadows instead of questioning everyone\'s motives and intentions. All you need is enough distance and space.

As soon as travel is made possible, many of you will feel the rush of desire to move and some will even start a life abroad. Changes will come and closed doors from the previous year could be torn down by rebellion if nothing else works. Oppositions are strong and each struggle between different authorities and views will be deeply felt and bruising to your confidence and ego. Approach others carefully, trying not to hold on to any side of the story and simply seeking middle grounds. Give respect without compromise, but also expect it in return, without compromise.

The Greatest Challenges

February, June and December bring difficult squares in signs that stand opposed to and square your Sun, questioning your dedication, goals, and status symbols that serve no purpose in new circumstances. This is not only a struggle of old with the new, but a trigger for numerous authentic needs that must come to surface, overcome trauma, and be respected no matter the sense of security or system you belong to. Social contacts may fail to support your needs, your workplace too, and what you need is to find some sort of balance through self-care and spiritual work that will allow deep personal insights. Change surroundings until you find the right tribe to belong to. All sorts of structures will break, and this is mostly a collective matter, but it will be deeply and personally felt in lives of Leos throughout 2021.

The Greatest Rewards

Waves of tension will come and go, sweeping off what is no longer necessary and opening numerous opportunities for adventure and your true passion to be followed. This is a time to embrace your anger with its most constructive side, aggression that pushes you where you feel like going, and helps you set boundaries and fences in toxic or unhealthy relationships. Burdens will be shaken off as you put your most fragile, tenderest Self on top of your priority list.

Physiology and Body

This is a time of questioning structures, rituals and routines that hold you together. It is of outmost importance to respect a certain timeline so you can keep some sense of control. It will be easy to slip into old destructive habits, chaotic choices and behavior, unclear routines, and lack of sleep. Overthinking and anxiety could lead to insomnia while ideas that are not brought to the material world might linger to haunt you, leading to stress for the heart and pressure on the nervous system. Even if the world falls apart around you, make the time to get enough rest and turn to meditation, massage, and any form of relaxation for spasms in your body.

Love and Family

As soon as January comes to an end, you will find yourself in tricky emotional situations. Some relationships are already broken on the inside and it is possible that you have been holding on to a sense of security rather than enjoying them. Ask yourself if your loyalty is enough to feel good within contacts you build every day. Seek laughter, humor, and people that give you a reason to smile. Attempt to fix what is broken, but don’t sell your happiness away for the stress of possible change or expectations that have not been met.

With April, you will see your priorities change and feel a strong urge to set free. You will take a leap of faith with someone, away from the world, or alone and away from your partner if too many boundaries have been broken. As autumn arrives, circumstances will culminate, leaving you no choice but to move down a certain path if you wish to hold on to your truest emotional needs. Although nothing is ideal, without striving to fulfill a dream, you will feel lack of purpose and energy in your endeavors.

Work and Finances

As determined as you are to start a new professional chapter with the end of 2020, you should leave intense and groundbreaking risks for a moment when you are fully aware of possible consequences of your choices. When it comes to work, you must remain stable, rational and centered, understanding that your sense of security and financial grounding must be set as a foundation for any project that you wish to pursue. Don’t get misled by teams and ideas that don’t feel right and spark rebellion in your belly. Listen to your hunch and tactfully pursue it even if it goes against the current of the collective thought.

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