Information on the Leo Symbol and Ruler

Leo Symbol

Leo Symbol

Leo Symbol

The symbol for Leo is often seen as a simplified image of a lion with a head presented through the circle and the body with a tail to follow. This puts an emphasis on its tail, and all tails speak of the past and the debts we still have to repay. This is an interesting observation considering the fact that Leo represents us in our past lives. The symbol for Leo is actually a script form of the Greek letter “lambda”, the first letter of the Greek word leon, which means “lion”.

Leo Ruler

The sign of Leo is ruled by the ruler of the sky – the Sun. It holds 99% of our entire solar system and we are inside its outer sphere even though we see it as a distant celestial body. This speaks of its importance in any culture, history or astrological approach among us, on Earth. While planets are related to deities and their roles, the Sun seems to be linked to one of the myths through the lion as if it wasn’t that important at all. The truth is, the Sun is too important for humankind to label it, to capitalize it or to understand it as anything different from life itself. How can we explain the influence of the Sun, when it represents us in our purest form of light?

Leo Ruler

We often don’t realize that the most important thing in this symbol is its dot in the center. It symbolizes the ultimate Unity, the point in which we all become one, with each other and with the Universe. This symbol is an ancient Egyptian sign for the Sun or their god Ra, in the hieroglyphic writing system. In its history, this symbol was used as an alchemical symbol for gold, and with it for perfection of any kind. The symbol itself denotes the spirit represented through a circle, surrounding the seed of potential.

Leo Information

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