Yearly Leo Horoscope for 2023

2023 Leo Horoscope

Spirit: Glow, Tender, Honesty, Judgment.
Color: Light Green.
Places to visit if possible: Sweden, San Francisco, Tunisia.
Things to learn: Programming, Swahili, Skiing.

The General Feel

While you may start 2023 off with big career goals and focus, this year is all about love and pleasures of life that should boost your creativity and support self-care. Matters of the ego tend to burst into flames and weaknesses are easily recognized in others. To rebuild inner strength, it is important not to rush forwards, but to take a moment to look within, check on your emotional world, and invest your anger or negative emotions into personal growth and success. Good things for you might come out of the need to prove others wrong, but only if you remain constructive in your choices and focused on yourself.

Summer months are coloured by retrograde Venus in Leo, where parallel relationships are possible and trust is questioned in romantic involvements. This could be the time for a leap of faith, but also sets the standard for your own moral compass and things you wish to choose for yourself in the future. Not every relationship is worth holding on to. While this may become painfully obvious by the end of the year, you are ready to take a turn on self-worth and things you truly deserve in life. If discussions become overwhelming, you will need to dial down on explanations and contact, to rebuild the sense of meaning within, and move through future relationships with more understanding and trust.

The Greatest Challenges

The collective atmosphere will affect you greatly during April and May when Mars is in Cancer and your twelfth house. Although secrets could come out of stale, dusty drawers and this will bring clarity, you will have to deal with emotions that you’d rather avoid and distance yourself from people you once thought were good for your heart. It may feel like there is no room for mistakes, but really the challenge here is to trust the process and realize that mistakes are the only way to learn when there hasn’t been proper support from those who never knew any better.

The Greatest Rewards

After an intense year filled with dramatic twists and turns, November and December come with a different energy and have you focused on what truly matters in life. You can sense justice and your own priorities ringing in the background at all times, and have a way of dealing with problems constructively and practically. You are no longer inside your mind, planning and thinking about what-ifs, but ready to take the right course of action to fix what is broken and make things right.

Physiology and Body

Shadows come out through circumstantial and physical. The pain you might feel serves to show you what needs more work, where you buried something deep, and took a turn against yourself when you should have had time for rest and contemplation. Move your joints and tendons, stretch, go for yoga classes and make choices that won’t allow you to be stiff throughout the day. Take the time to dance and vent, releasing the tension that builds up in relation to other people. Too much pressure leads to burnout, especially in early autumn. Respect your own time, your actual working hours, and set clear boundaries so you don’t cross your own limitations and put too much strain on your spine and your entire physiology.

Love and Family

If you catch yourself being too hard on yourself or others, make some space for mistakes and different opinions, things that others have a hard time overcoming and those that your inner world is limited with. You are only human, and so is everyone else. Betrayals and lies could push you over the edge this year, but you have tools now that allow you to create a safe space for yourself, and lose what doesn’t do good for your heart anymore. This is also a year when Leos can make their love life blossom, but only if you move on from environments and people that don’t recognize your worth.

Being gentle and making room for calm reactions and silent exchanges makes all the difference. People in your life are too afraid to show their true colors due to personal reasons and their different upbringing. Build love and empathy over any situation, aware that this does not mean you should stand for abuse or mistreatment of any kind. Emotional stability you’ll have by the end of the year opens doors for new relationships, especially in lives of single Leos, and gives room for family values, children, and joyous energies to be shared.

Work and Finances

Overworking and high goals could really push you off your track in 2023. You may stubbornly pursue something that no longer matters as much as it once did, or do more than your body really has the capacity to handle. Don’t let others dictate your pace or fall into the trap of competing with those who have entirely different priorities in life. Teamwork is important and you should delegate activities that tire you out when you need energy for close relationships and parts of your intimate world that are ready for healing. It is time to turn the energy around, invest in yourself, and make progress in areas that inspire you and keep you motivated and passionate about the journey itself. This will bring financial benefit your way and help you move out of a rut if you got stuck with difficult career choices in the past couple of years.

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