Yearly Libra Horoscope for 2018

2018 Libra Horoscope

Spirit: Money, Retrospect, River, Flow.
Color: Magenta.
Places to visit: Portugal, Argentina, Bali.
Things to learn: Mountain Climbing, Cooking, Yoga.

The General Feel

Financial situation you find yourself in as 2018 begins will give an important stamp to the flow of the entire year and make you learn about steps you wish to take in the following months. Your world will be turned to material gain and ways to improve your foundation in the real world, and this will easily be the year when some Libra representatives will change their entire career path to start their own business or find a place with authorities that make them feel valued. Hard work will pay off and you will make decisions much faster than usual, guided by goals that are distant but reachable enough to be aimed for quickly.

Autumn brings many questions your way, and your feelings will be shaken. Things that ended with the start of this year will come back to haunt you and there are no issues that will settle being left under the rug. With such a powerful year in front of you, it would be wise to face any shadows and demons you might have, and pay attention to your personal set of desires before giving others the torch and letting them take all the glory. Do instead of talking, and you will overcome any obstacle that might stand in your way.

The Greatest Challenges

July and October bring many questions into your mind and push you backwards to take care of things you thought weren’t relevant anymore. You are to be thorough and deep in each little thing you choose to do, or you might have to return to it until you feel like you lack energy to move on. Care for yourself, for your emotional states and the way you see yourself in your own skin, and don’t allow your environment to affect your confidence when you need it the most.

The Greatest Rewards

The month of February could bring incredible inspiration and love stories your way. You will feel the wind in your sails and could set up a foundation set in faith that will guide you over any obstacle that might present itself in front of you. The beauty of this year is seen in simple things, in touch with nature, and in satisfaction you are to find in the physical world and care for your body.

Physiology and Body

Consequences of the previous year are obvious in your appearance and you could feel pressured to make a change, stop smoking, lose weight, or do something to get back on your usual track of moderate behavior and self-care. Sensitive to outer influences and with your immunity a bit weakened, you will need to set clear boundaries towards certain people instead of swallowing your pride and creating psychosomatic problems you won’t know how to shake off. As the autumn approaches, emotional and family issues could push you over the edge and make you physically vulnerable to cuts and bruises, high fever, and allergies. Care for your psychological state as much as your physical one, in order to feel truly healthy and in sync with the world around you.

Love and Family

Digging needs to get done, primarily through family issues and relationships you had with your parents, for patterns you are set in define some of the troubles you have with loved ones. This is the time to work on your self-esteem. Single Libras should ask someone out, be brave enough to create contact they wish to pursue, and begin love stories based on their own initiative and drive. Those of you who are married or already serious with their chosen partner might need some time to clear the air and see things for what they are. By the end of 2018, you will see that you have gone back and forth several times, only to see things through and end what needs ending while brave enough to start something new. The overall feel of this year will be satisfying if you don’t get stuck in repetitive motions that don’t allow you to reach for personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

Work and Finances

Private businesses could blossom in lives of some Libra representatives, especially if they are already blessed with resources to invest as much as they would love to from the start. If you are a part of a large system, a lot of good work will be done at home and you will have less time for your family if you embrace all financial opportunities that are coming your way. Stay open for gain and you will be rewarded for all the work you do well, but be sure to balance out your need for status with the need of those who love you and need your time and dedication. Joggling between emotions and reason, it is possible that you won’t set your priorities straight, turning too often to your brain instead of your heart. Turn things around and follow your gut feeling often enough instead.

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