Information on the Libra Symbol and Ruler

Libra Symbol

Libra Symbol

Libra Symbol

The symbol for Libra represents the scales of a balance, but it also shows the setting Sun in the horizon. There are many views on the symbol of Libra, but the most revealing one of all is the view of it as an obstacle that needs to be overcome. The lower line of the symbol represents the earthly, rational approach that has no obstacles on its way, but the higher line that reaches for the sky seems to be a huge hill to be crossed in order to reach the other side of the balance. This is a fine link to relationships in their purest form, for the biggest obstacle for each of us is to understand our partner and the “other side” fully.

Libra Ruler

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the name given to a shiny planet by the Romans after their goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire. This deity has its predecessor in a Greek goddess Aphrodite, whose role is not that different than the one of Venus.

Libra Ruler

The symbol for Venus is consisted of a circle and a cross below it. A circle represents the divine spirit and points to the divinity of Venus and the sign of Libra, while the cross denotes physical matter and practicality and is linked to the sign of Taurus. The connection of the two speaks of our need to bring the divine to Earth, to create beauty in our physical reality and live the divine love in our everyday life.

Libra Information

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