Yearly Pisces Horoscope for 2017

2017 Pisces Horoscope

Spirit: Nighttime, Hope, Mission, Recognition.
Color: Indigo.
Places to visit: Brazil, Zanzibar, Portugal.
Things to learn: Pilates, Pole Dancing, Parkour.

The General Feel

While Neptune gives you enough stability in your faith and perception, year after year, helping you believe your senses and understanding people around you, Jupiter as you second ruler doesn’t help your vision much. You need a shift in perspective and this is a year that will push you far from other people, or to relationships that don’t make you as happy as its beginning might promise. January brings Venus to your doorstep and marks the beginning of the entire year with love, beauty and inspiration. This will be extremely hard to follow in months to come, and only in April will you have a chance to feel the same again.

However, if you accept the challenge of this time and the square of Saturn to your Sun that seems to disable your ability to make progress towards your goals, things will get easier. Work hard and don’t give up on things that truly matter, while at the same time remembering that you shouldn’t ever ignore the signs by the road that tell you to change direction and the circle of people in your life. If you manage to rely on your senses and hunches most of the time, the faith in yourself will lead you exactly where you wish to go.

The Greatest Challenges

The beginning of summer will bring some tiring situations in your life and you’ll have trouble dealing with your usual confusion and lack of focus. With Saturn pressuring you from your tenth house at the same time, a lot of work will have to be done and it will seem impossible to balance it out with your emotional world. Whatever your priorities are, leave an hour of each day for those “less important” matters in your life and you’ll see everything fall into place.

The Greatest Rewards

In October, one of your rulers Jupiter will enter the sign of Scorpio, deepening your emotions and helping you materialize your ideals. Show initiative and go through each door that opens up in front of you, even if the idea seems scary.

Physiology and Body

All sorts of unexplainable health conditions are possible in your life in months to come. Medical assistance might fail you and many Pisces representatives will have to turn to alternative methods of healing simply because they don’t know how to approach physical problems that won’t fade. Problems with your spine are possible, especially in June and July, and this is the time to be extremely careful if you choose a new masseuse or a chiropractor. Don’t lift heavy objects and keep your body safe from any more weight. Your shoulders carry enough of it at this time anyway. Have routinely checkups of your teeth and visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Love and Family

The first half of 2017 is a time of continuing emotional challenges, testing primarily your relationship with yourself. You could find the love of your life in January and get disappointed in February, only to discover it once again in April, now uncertain of what you found. The greatest emotional satisfaction will come only when Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio, and this is kind of strange for rare are those who consider Scorpio very emotional. Although this is a sign of the Moon’s fall, it doesn’t make it any less watery or deep in its emotional core. This is the position that will show you the way and once October begins, you won’t be able to stick to choices of partners and friends that don’t feel deep enough or concrete in their manifestation. This isn’t a good time for family matters though, for you might cast your emotional connections from the past aside, only to find those that are valid and touchable today. To avoid the feeling of guilt that might surface later on, respect those who made you smile and ask yourself about their wellbeing before turning to other people with a big smile.

Work and Finances

Mars is starting 2017 in your sign, giving you the initiative and the energy you need for new business ventures. However, you won’t really be able to use it unless you decide to work extremely hard and shouldn’t start anything if you aren’t prepared to commit to it entirely. All the way from February to August, you won’t exactly be able to start anything new with a clear mind and focus. Even if this is the time when you’ll change your job or your professional position, you will have a lot to recover and fix before things actually start moving forward. Keep in mind that important paperwork should be avoided in February and March, and resolve it once the summer begins. Autumn brings many benefits to your life and this is when large steps are bound to be made.

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