Yearly Scorpio Horoscope for 2017

2017 Scorpio Horoscope

Spirit: Speed, Dedication, Commitment, Memories.
Color: Fiery Red.
Places to visit: Bolivia, Germany, South Korea.
Things to learn: Tattooing, Graphic Design, Taekwondo .

The General Feel

This is a year with a confusing start, and it would be smart to spend January on a trip to a distant destination. Even though its beginning is marked by Mercury’s retrograde motion when new decisions shouldn’t be made, this is not supposed to stop you from returning to places you’ve already been to, if not in this one than in one of your previous lifetimes. As soon as the new cycle of Mars begins at the end of January, you will feel your energy rise and you’ll be ready for new activities, impatiently looking forward to the spring.

All in all, this is a good year for Scorpios, especially after the middle of October when Pluto and Saturn will already be moving forward and fast enough, and Jupiter visits your first house. It will come to widen your horizons, educate you and send you to a faraway land, giving prosperity and the shift in perspective to every Scorpio who needs it. Although financial aspects of this time won’t be as positive as you’d like them to be, there will be enough money to fulfill your dreams, slowly, step by step, and with enough care and faith in a future you wish for.

The Greatest Challenges

From April to September Saturn will be retrograde in your second house, with Pluto retrograde in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. This is the time to repay all sorts of debts, mostly material, and could lead to many challenges in fields of finance, career and health. Stick to a proven routine and try not to fall out of your schedule, so you can remain grounded and in peace with all that is asked from the Universe to be returned.

The Greatest Rewards

Once you’re done repaying your debts, October will bring Jupiter to your doorstep, helping you relax and unwind. This is the perfect moment to organize a long vacation or start a new professional training, college, or simply for socializing and enjoying your time.

Physiology and Body

The greatest dedication to your wellbeing is asked from you in February and the beginning of September, as your energy spikes and you have trouble keeping it in check. This might lead to high body temperature or high blood pressure, and make you prone to injuries caused by knives and fire. Things are really going to start getting better by the end of September, but only if you don’t neglect the sensation of pain or discomfort of any kind. This is a time when all problems with an unclear cause tend to be explained and approached in the right way. The beginning of November might bring some issues with glands and their function, so don’t neglect any symptoms that might appear.

Love and Family

The most intense time for close family relationships comes in June 2017. Your intentions will be questioned, and your attempts to find peace probably disturbed, but in a way you’ll feel like you reached the point of self-recognition and know where you want to go next. The beginning of September isn’t the right time to communicate with your loved ones, as you might turn out to seem distant, cold, or on the contrary – way too emotional to speak with clarity. At this time it is wise to have someone to mediate if you have important emotional issues to discuss. November brings chances for new acquaintances, interesting experiences and new romance beginnings. With Jupiter added to the equation and transiting through your Sun sign, this is a time when many illusions could take over, but your sex life will flourish if you are open enough to experiment.

Work and Finances

In April, your idealism and creativity have a chance to improve your finances and your overall state of satisfaction while turning you to work you wish to commit to. This is a good time to learn how to express through art, but keep your feet firmly on the ground for professional relationships and possibilities can easily be idealized and seen through pink goggles. In general, the first and the last three months of this year will be better for business endeavors than the rest of the year. The beginning of September is the time to pay back a loan or fix what was broken along the way, and this is a time when you shouldn’t lose patience over dysfunctional details. You will work well under pressure, but try not to create too much of it this year just to feel the rush.

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