Yearly Virgo Horoscope for 2017

2017 Virgo Horoscope

Spirit: Solutions, Practicality, Bravery, Family.
Color: Grey.
Places to visit: Easter Island, Turkey, Australia.
Things to learn: Woodcraft, Tango, Tightrope Walking .

The General Feel

For as long as Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius, meaning throughout almost entire 2017, family issues won’t let you rest. This will be a difficult emotional time when sadness has to be faced and dealt with, and rest is the only thing that can help your state of heart. Luckily, financial aspects of Jupiter in your second house will smile this year, bringing much wanted benefits into your material world. This time seems to be reserved for hard work and many Virgos might decide to open their private firm or work from home.

Partnership isn’t the best way to go if you don’t have enough trust built throughout years of friendship and understanding. Be careful but not too cautious to see the wonders of life in front of you. Hardships will pass and you will be rewarded for everything you have endured, if you just believe that the time has come when you deserve to be happy. This is a year when false pretenses will be seen through, disappointments are bound to happen if you get carried away, and you’ll have to deal with some sadness and unwanted obligations in your path. Accept them with grace and find enough time to rest, so you can deal with everything without endangering your health.

The Greatest Challenges

This year, your sign’s ruler will be in retrograde motion four times, with its first backwards move being on New Year eve, and continuing through April, August, and December. This will make you feel lost, confused, or even sick, unless if you realize that you have a mission to commit to and truly invest in your talents.

The Greatest Rewards

By the end of this year you are about to realize that strong basis is all you need for any future endeavors, and many plans could be made last minute. Let life surprise you and realize that the idealistic love that you’ll dream about at the beginning of spring, has its way of coming to life if you only look in the right places.

Physiology and Body

This is a year when many chronic problems might raise their ugly head and remind you of neglect you’ve shown for your body. It is of outmost importance for you to realize that doing things for other people doesn’t always serve you, and while you would like karma to do its trick and make you feel good just because you helped someone, this is not the way it actually works. This is a time to be selfish and create strong boundaries, especially in your home and family, where it is the hardest thing to do. If not, headaches will remind you of your limits, as well as all sorts of bruises and breaks. You could end up in bed one too many times, but this is simply a way for your body to show you how much you need rest. Leave your rational world aside and listen carefully to the physical one. Your real intellectual strength hides in physiology and its understanding. Don’t push yourself too far only to discover that you are not indestructible.

Love and Family

This isn’t the best of years for family ties, closeness and understanding. Relationships with older people could get truly difficult, especially if they are not as functional as they would like them to be. Try to talk less and work hard enough to make yourself happy. There will be sadness to consider, contemplate on, and accept, and overly rationalizing won’t do your heart any good. Luckily, Venus’ retrograde motion in Pisces has a tendency to return your faith in true love, and this spring could bring really deep relationships into lives of many Virgo representatives. Settle for some faults and let go to your emotions, for the love you seek is, as always, found within.

Work and Finances

With Jupiter in your second house, you will have a chance to create much more than you’ve anticipated, and earn money from most surprising partnerships and endeavors. September will bring enough energy to last you through the entire autumn, so don’t be afraid to use it. This will be the time to take initiative, lead the way, and show others what needs to be done to prepare for the depth of Jupiter’s entrance in Scorpio. Already in October, emotional matters will start to look up and your mind will fill with optimism and joy, making your focus and direction in life much clearer. If you were feeling lost and stuck in a dead end job, the end of October will help you start a process of self-recognition to determine where you are supposed to be and what would truly make you happy.

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