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March, 2023 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

There is always a tent dedicated to wine instead of beer at Oktoberfest. There is an exception to every rule and you must consider differences that may keep you detached or even hiding from certain people. It is time to accept them with faith, and instead of taking things personally, see vulnerabilities and weaknesses of ...

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February, 2023 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

The mind is finally about to cleanse of dark thoughts but the beginning of February won’t exactly be easy and light on the heart. You will try to keep your approach rational in situations that push too many of your buttons, leaving you feeling unprepared for what is coming next. Once the dust settles and ...

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January, 2023 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Charlie Chaplin’s salary in 1915 was $10 thousand per week. You know that some options are much wider and more rewarding than those that you’ve been choosing from your comfort zone. It is time to make that shift inside of your mind, change beliefs that are stale and limiting, so you can reach for goals ...

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December, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

This is a chaotic time when you aren’t sure what might happen next and who’s gonna hold you when it does. Romantic thoughts are spinning around your head. Many Virgos will fall in love and enjoy benefits of a new relationship that started out under the strangest possible circumstances. Express yourself without fear of judgment, ...

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November, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Some birds have the ability to see the fourth primary colour in the UV spectrum, that humans can’t see. You are aware of the wanders of the world but don’t seem to have the ability to add another colour to your spectrum at the moment, and see the beauty that surrounds you every day. Appreciate ...

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October, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Confusion that you found yourself in is about to get an even stranger tone, as if you cannot control energies that are much larger than you once thought. The situation takes strange turns, without your influence, and you won’t have much of a choice besides letting go to the flow, and enjoying those rewarding things ...

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September, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Jewels, gold and silver were a rare plunder for pirates as they took more from cloths, animal skins, spices, etc. What you consider to be valuable may be in an entirely different light to someone close to you, and the system of values should interact for a middle solutions this time around. If you ...

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August, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Even though the situation is rough, and you will find yourself in situations that you don’t know how to resolve, you are hardworking and ready to face the facts. Reality is clear and you won’t have much trouble finding a rational, smart way to deal with any practical dilemma in your life. Work tends to ...

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July, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

The species of Ginkgo Biloba is 270 million years old. Time has been good to some parts of you, and it is time to let them out, shining brightly and showing your heart to the rest of the world. Protect your ideas and your plans, but don’t be too rigid to not see the potential ...

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June, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Even though things might start off on the wrong foot, everything will move quickly and find the right way to manifest. You don’t have to worry as much as you did in the past couple of months. It is important to release the tension and let your mind wander, so you don’t get stuck in ...

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May, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Just as you think that things will become stable, you will realize that there is still a lot to plan and even more to discuss. It is easy to get misunderstood in weeks to come, so be careful how you shape and choose your words, especially around those who are governed by fears. You would ...

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April, 2022 Monthly Virgo Horoscope

April begins with a strong sense of identity and authentic choices, just make sure they are yours. If you find yourself in the shade of outer authorities or people that are louder and used to shining a brighter light on their surroundings, learn from the experience and gather strength instead of resisting such contacts. It ...

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