Ace of Cups Tarot Card

Ace of Cups
Tarot Card: Ace of Cups
Planet: Moon
keywords: Feeling, Intimacy, Love
Affirmation: I open my heart for happiness.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Ace of Cups Meaning

The Ace of Cups is the first card from the Suit of Cups and the core and source of all its emotional, watery energies. It represents the emotional foundation, the place where we feel loved, our closest relationships, deepest sensations that are still a bit immature and overflowing. It is a sense of home in a way that allows full support for any endeavor, and stands for our deep emotional commitment to any issue or relationship that is being interpreted. As if all our heart's emotional resources have been put into one point to work from, our hopes are high and we are ready to receive our blessings. This is a very spiritual card, as it interacts directly with the desires and needs of our Soul, and it should be a special signal that some choices should be followed at any cost. In addition, it reminds us to be cautious and wise enough, for our strong emotional pull might push us one step too far when we are meant to steadily give a pure interpretation to each of our feelings along the way.


The signification for the beginning of a new love story, intense emotions that are ready to bring new creative processes, inspiration, or even life into the world, the Ace of Cups is the card of love itself and loves to be found in a love reading. It shows unity of emotion, affection and intimacy, as well as childlike and naïve emotional tendencies that might be a bit raw and unprotected by defense mechanisms we often use. With enough trust and tenderness for another, it may become the core of something incredibly rich with emotion, compassion and support.


When the Ace of Cups finds its way into a career reading, it either means that we are inspired to work for a new cause and truly love what we do, or that we are completely distracted by personal issues and unable to commit to responsible tasks we are meant to carry out. There is really very little possibility to compromise with this card in a reading, for such a strong calling must be followed. In case we are feeling the strong pull to do something new in our professional world, this is a definite signal to follow the calling as our most honest need at this time that will take us down our Soul's journey.


The source of healing energies of the element of Water, the Ace of Cups is a truly promising card for a health reading of any kind. It reminds us that our body will be healthy if we nurture our emotional world, and that no problem within our physiology is unsolvable with the right means. It may also point out to psychosomatic issues that tend to be resolved when we fall in love or find the source of inspiration in life. Whatever the case, it is important to remember here that we have the power to heal ourselves with enough love and dedication to the emotional world and blockages found inside it.

Ace of Cups Reversed

With the Ace of Cups in its reversed position, you want to ask yourself if you have pushed important emotions under the rug, trying not to deal with them. It may show our tendency to bury the feeling that feeds us, and speaks of our need to be alone and in touch with our emotional core, instead of trying to prove our “strength of character” by ignoring our truest desires. It requires digging for the truth within instead of communicating with others, and may show the lack of contact or the fear of intimacy that is stopping us from making the right choice.

Ace of Cups Time Line

Past - Ace of Cups is found in the past when we need to reach the core of the emotional issue to see if we got tied, turned off our defense mechanisms, or chose to get distant and detached along the way when we should have stayed in contact. This card requires emotional clarity and as such it will point to the past when we must seek the core of the issue instead of looking at everything that has built up on its foundation since the primal emotional push we felt.

Present - Joyous and spiritually filled with emotional potential, it is the card to show in the present when we have the openness to connect and heal. It announces a new phase of life when a new emotional need has just been born, when we are bringing a child into the world, and we have new tasks to commit to on our Soul's journey. It speaks of cozy emotions and the feeling of home, and tells us to spend time in loving, warm and supportive surroundings to recharge our batteries and follow the calling of our heart.

Future - A very hopeful card to be found in the reading for our future, it shows us that everything we are doing today is cleansing and opening doors for new, different, loving experiences. It has no conditions to set, for this is the purity of Soul that will inevitably wait for us at the end of any journey. Also, it defines our steps and brings back faith into our world if we have lost it, as we are obviously heading towards the purest of intentions and emotions even if we can’t really see the outcome just yet.

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