Four of Wands Tarot Card

Four of Wands
Tarot Card: Four of Wands
Planet: Venus
keywords: Togetherness, Joint Efforts, Celebration
Affirmation: I easily find middle grounds.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Four of Wands Meaning

Four of Wands is the card that represents the push of support from our home that gave us the ability to connect to others in a productive way. It is a card of productive partnerships and our ability to use our blessings to create meaningful contact, as well as the point of teamwork that leads to success and all those things we could never accomplish alone. Bringing the sense of togetherness into the image, depending on its surroundings and people it refers to, it can bring incredible oppositions to work together, and shows how our true potential to relate lifts us high and opens us for incredible successes in life. On the other hand, it is the point of a fiery Venus where we must be careful not to push our own will and desire onto another, and stands for the importance of seeking middle ground instead of compromising, and giving respect instead of blind loyalty.


Four of Wands is the card of emotional support and the importance of connecting with others to fulfill our personal authentic goals. It pushes us into the open and approves of our language, upbringing, and even our emotional problems, for as long as we give respect to shared causes that bind us together. It is a pointer that without the other person in the image, we cannot manifest what we wish to at the moment. Even in an extremely negative setting it reassures us that we are perfectly capable to connect in creative unity and happiness.


When set in a career reading, this card implies teamwork and cooperation to reach the goal ahead of the road. Here, it isn’t only a couple involved in a certain action, but those in position mingle with those who have less power to seek middle grounds and find solutions best fit for all. The first step should be taken with someone by our side who is a colleague and a friend. We need strong connections to enrich our professional world and open new doors for our personal growth. It is important not to depend on others or give them too much power, but we shouldn’t try to rise above any cooperation offered. Balance is to be obtained so we can see the talent in everyone and their purpose however different it might be from our own.


The clearest communion brings healing and Four of Wands guides us towards doctors, gurus, and those who love us to help with any problem we might have. It is a card of balance with others where we are allowed to make our own decisions when it comes to our body and our physical state, and at the same time give respect to knowledge of others that will support our physiology through times of crisis. It puts focus on hormones and reproductive organs and needs us to be less critical and more relaxed and happy so we can set free of spasms that burden our physiology. It tells us to dance instead of looking for faults, and points out that guilt and blame never got anyone to a happy place in life.

Four of Wands Reversed

When shared efforts and ideals turn sour and their purpose turns upside-down, so will the Four of Wands. It will speak of situations that didn’t go according to plan, fails and loss of trust that happened to us as we moved along, but also of our lack of effort to engage in full contact where something can finally be resolved. It is the lack of readiness to commit to a shared cause and might announce an act of selfishness by someone involved in a group project. Balance won’t be easily held on to, but it can be if we are centered and respectful of Self and others. Stand tall, reliable and dignified, no matter what others might choose to do.

Four of Wands Time Line

Past - Four of Wands is set in our past when we need to be reminded of teamwork and close relationships that got us some important results in life. It is the card of gratitude to another, healthy choices of the person standing by our side today, where we have been faced with challenges along the way and need to see once again that we have started out right. It is also a card to show us that it is possible that our family matters interfered with other relationships in our life and they should be viewed separately so we can make our current position better.

Present - When in a present reading, it is a card of obvious togetherness where we seem to be inseparable from others and well-connected to the collective through intimate contacts we create at the moment. This is a joyful energy filling our energetic potential through differences that might combine to create miracles together, and lights the way towards social circles that will make us shine even brighter than we would on our own.

Future - The future blessed with Four of Wands seems promising when it comes to shared ventures we desire and partnerships we want to establish. It is a connective force that will get us out of loneliness and solitary efforts when responsibilities can be shared and our energies flow with more power as someone else joins us on our journey. It is a celebration of projects we ended and things we accomplished because we weren’t selfish and because we chose to open our heart instead of pursuing high ambitions without trust in humankind.

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