Princess (Page) of Swords Tarot Card

Princess (Page) of Swords
Tarot Card: Princess (Page) of Swords
Planet: Mercury
keywords: Curiosity, Conversation, Clear Words
Affirmation: I choose every word with love.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Princess (Page) of Swords Meaning

The childlike essence of our thoughts, beliefs and exciting, curious mind that is eager to learn is seen in the Princess of Swords. She is the one to materialize incredible ideas when she is given the chance to. Still, there is little room for struggles of ego or any personal stamp left here, as she works anonymously for the benefit of the entire human kind. The messages carried by this card are mostly in connection to our physiology and changes that can be made quickly in the real world if we put our mind into it. She brings new understanding and conversations that are full of brainstorming and incredible, new resolutions that we didn’t anticipate. She is the element of surprise as well as full, grown understanding of the other person, but only if we are grounded and realistic enough to understand what those who stand before us really have to show. When this card appears, we can be sure that there is a light, carefree note to the situation we are in, as practical ways come just as easy as thoughts pop into our mind, only if we are flexible and confident enough to express them freely.


New messages will be received and with the Princess of Swords in a love reading, one can be certain that a platonic bond will have a meeting with the real world. It is a wonderful card to inspire poems, songs or love letters, as well as all dialogues that put the relationship on the throne instead of holding on to anyone's personal power or value. There are no priorities between two people here and while it may speak of parallel bonds, she will inevitably inspire, surprise us, and sweep one off their feet.


With this card in a career reading, it is time to implement new ideas and changes to the system. Our efforts will be rewarded over time even if we don’t force to take credit for what has been done. It requires understanding that we are a part of larger whole, a member of a team, and while it might limit our movement and our image of Self a bit, it will help us get on our feet through incredible mental processes and contact with the right group of people. Talk to others about the possible course of action and see the courses and studies that might help you learn and advance your decisions.


Since the Princess of Swords stands for the grounding, Virgo side of Mercury, she does speak of the importance and the intellectual power of our physiology and as such – she has all the necessary answers. She knows that our body is bruised most by our fragile ego, as we lose our ability to metabolize experiences that aren’t really personal. She wants equality, but also wants us to turn within and listen to signals from our body instead of seeing it as a separate entity that simply brings negative surprises our way from time to time.

Princess (Page) of Swords Reversed

When the Princess of Swords is found in a reversed setting, we must ask ourselves if we are actually being childish while trying to do what no longer serves any purpose. It reminds us that authentic choices don’t exclude responsibility, no matter how excited we might get about our decisions. We are to remember that following the true desire is the most rewarded thing we might do, and it is within our power to change our circumstances with the simple power of our thoughts and our mind. Shame could distract us from too many goals and interactions that lead us in the right direction. Here, we are to embrace the fact that we cannot rush through life while holding on to superficial contacts and beliefs if we truly want to be happy and work for something more than we already have.

Princess (Page) of Swords Time Line

Past - The Princess of Swords will show in our past when it is obvious that we have learned something new and founded our daily efforts on a positive, childlike choices. She stands for the person who inspired us to learn, or for our own talents and motivation, before we became too critical of our own ways to listen to the feel of the moment rather than trying to rationalize it and make things more complicated by trying to do the “adult thing”.

Present - Representing the thirst for knowledge, this card speaks of an open state of mind when we are advised to discuss all our dilemmas and make sense out of things that we never understood in the past. It brings new information, people into our lives that have something to teach on a daily level, and the right social circle where we will be free to be exactly who we are. The level of freedom required might be a bit higher than we have anticipated, but setting free will prove to be worth it.

Future - When our future is colored by her magnificent presence, we can be sure that there is still a lot to learn before we are ready to act. Our minds are on the path to unite with our body, and we will understand, over time, that what we listen to should be found within the core of our every cell. This card speaks of the importance of the physical world and our body as the vessel meant to share all the right energetic information with the rest of the world, aware, honest and cleansed of toxic and hurtful words. The future holds clarification and the right people to discuss the current situation with.

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