The Star Tarot Card

The Star
Tarot Card: The Star
Planet: Neptune
keywords: Creation, Divine, Feminine, Inspiration, Talent
Affirmation: I recognize and live my true purpose.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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The Star Meaning

The immense power of the emotional creative process is seen in the Star, as it combines all pure feminine principles that we normally separate, into one. It unifies the fact that mythology sees Venus as made from sea foam and Uranus’ genitalia with the Nuit, the Egyptian goddess of the night that gives birth to the Sun every morning. It is the pure essence of faith found in emotion, our feeling that things will turn out beautiful and make us happy over time. It brings hope, inspiration and a touch of Divine Love to everything it connects to in a tarot reading. Gentle liberation comes through its spirit, as a form of simple, fluent manifestation that asks no questions but follows the intent of the Universe by the pure touch with heart. This card brings healing, love for Self, laughter and positive emotions that will color our world in sparkly, rich colors we crave for. It is the fulfillment of desires, brought down to Earth by our decision to follow the feel and serves as guidance in any tarot reading, just as the evening star led the sailors across the vast ocean.


A matter of the Star is a matter of Divine, unconditional love, and in a love reading it points out the importance of inspiration found through deep intimate contacts, the faith that colors our romance, and the love that is meant to guide us. It is rather a card of emotions that serve a higher purpose than the interaction between two people on a practical plane. Blessings are being sent. If ties from the past are still burdening our Soul, this is a symbol of healing, overcoming issues that no longer serve us, by simply turning our focus with trust to what is inspiring, loving and beautiful today. It may announce a new love story, there to turn us away from what has been unhealthy or toxic in the previous one.


The Star is resourceful and knows how to use things that are already there to make something entirely new, and breathe in love into it. It is a wonderful card to have as your ally in a professional matter, showing that you are on the right path and that you have chosen wisely and don’t have to stress about the final outcome for as long as the honest sensation is followed in every following step. It brings good relationships with women, with coworkers in general, and moves our focus from one point to another quickly, in tune with the Universe. Creativity and the best ideas might come at night and they should be written down and analyzed over time, as they could bless us with incredible positions and achievements we never anticipated or even knew we dreamed of.


The healer of the heart, the Star heals all other things as well. Not only does it speak of hope, but it speaks of ways in which we can change and overcome troubles with physiology by simply following the feel, the music, the inspiration and the synchronicities of the Universe. It requires ultimate trust and stands for a person we can believe in, a doctor or healer of sorts, that has unusual ways and methods but proves beneficent for our wellbeing. With this card set in a health reading, we are to keep in mind that only our hearts shine a light on the right path to follow, and no one else's beliefs will help if we are only mentally grasping them.

The Star Reversed

When the Star is reversed, it is the foggy illusion of emotional ties, standing there to remind us that things really aren’t what they seem. It speaks of convictions gone sour, our lack of connection with the real world, and might give us wings to fly away from what is actual and true, until we reach disappointment instead of grabbing the ideal we wished to accomplish. Good intentions could lead us into unpleasant situations, and we are to be careful not to overstep someone's emotional boundaries or take in too much of other people's sorrows and pain in our compassionate attempt to help. Everyone is strong enough to carry their own weight or they wouldn’t have been dealt it in the first place.

The Star Time Line

Past - When the Star is set in the past, it may be a bit troubling as a signal that we have ties and commitments that we didn’t let go of in time, as if we had a past to strive for today. It speaks of wonderful times of love, romance, inspiration and tender adventures that made us feel excited and childlike. On the other hand, it sets the ideal of memory that is hard to live up to, and might point to idealization and our tendency to remember only the good things that came from certain situations and people that are no longer there, making us nostalgic and unsatisfied when we have in fact done well and have a lot to be thankful for.

Present - A serene, peaceful state of mind brings us balance through this card. It may announce pregnancy, a new opportunity just about to open its doors in front of us, and tells us that there is something pure in our emotional world today, evoking positive, beautiful things tomorrow. Expectations could rise that aren’t easy to fulfill, but for as long as we work our way through them and use the image of self we wish to create to guide us forwards, things will be fine. It may be a pointer to popularity that can only be achieved by absolute honesty of heart.

Future - Set in the future, this card signifies a form of spiritual purification and a place where we will get in touch with our most naïve and vulnerable nature. It is the field of desires that might just come to life and is a blessing in a tarot layout set for days to follow. Rewards of life have been earned and no matter how far ahead, they will come and materialize, bringing joy and the manifestation of our high aspirations right to our doorstep. With the right image of the future to strive for, we can be at peace with our beliefs and optimism today.

The Star History

This isn’t a card that changed much through the course of history, as it always stood for the strength of the feminine and the connection of water and earth, emotion and common sense, on the path to follow the ideal. The woman has been depicted naked, with one foot representing her connection to intuition and her own emotional world, and the other on the ground, showing her readiness to take action and see the world for what it truly is. It has been said that the seven stars represent the seven chakras, but the first depictions only had one star depicted, and a person looking at it as a distant ideal.

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