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Six of Wands Tarot Card

Six of Wands
Tarot Card: Six of Wands
Planet: Jupiter
keywords: Victory, Resolved, Acknowledged
Affirmation: I celebrate my inner power.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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Six of Wands Meaning

The card of success and leadership, Six of Wands was sometimes interpreted as the one to announce action against another when the inner fires have settled down, but times have changed and the moral shift led to its more positive role. This is a position where people unite to follow their one, true leader, a person courageous and charismatic enough to inspire and pour their own life into others. It shows us as victorious, celebrating successes we have managed to make after all those challenges presented by the Five of Wands. It is a natural follow up of chaos when order is restored as everyone unifies to work for the same cause and the same distant ideal. Moral values will combine well and a team of people working together receives an entirely new note, creating what they do to share a philosophy with the world, on a mission that is felt in everyone's heart.


In close relationships and romantic bonds, Six of Wands speaks of mutual respect and admiration, and points out the clarity in a relationship that makes it honest, true, and obvious to both partners. This is the need to connect with enough space for Self, with someone to cherish in the same way they are being cherished. It shows that a shared language has been found between lovers who have had conflicts in the past and announces times of peace. Mutual respect has been established and everyone sees their inner light as well as the light of their partner. A supportive bond such as this one brings health and creative energy to both individuals involved.


The entire system might change with Six of Wands in the picture, and each career reading where it shines its light of success is clear about the things that can be achieved. It requires a steady heart and stomach, a person to be ready to confidently and bravely lead the way, and sees an authority figure as the one responsible to help others understand their purpose and gain the sense of direction. This card shows that the time for even more learning has come, but it should be practical, useful, grounded, through contacts with people who cooperate well with all their differences when there is one truth to be pursued.


Most health problems that might be related to this card are really related with the suppression of our healthy personality and the sense of shame we might have to share our accomplishments with the rest of the world. If we seek confirmation from other people, we could burden our stomach, our neck and throat, and make it impossible to honestly and freely express our pride in our own doings. This card wants us to shine, to show ourselves openly and freely to the rest of the world, without holding back. It shows that we have already beat our illnesses and we are on the path of recovery, pointing out to the right way to follow when we are in a healthy and respectful relationship primarily with Self.

Six of Wands Reversed

With this card's reversed position, we never really know who to trust. People might praise us as we move along while sending toxic energies and talking behind our back. It brings challenges of success as well as out hesitation to move towards the righteous and moral goal due to fear that we will be tricked or abandoned along the way. This is a place where some distance can come in handy, so we can feel our chosen path in our heart, and see our immense power as something to be used for the greater good, instead of hiding from our own aggression to fit into unhealthy norms of repressed emotions in the society. With this setting, success might make someone vain, arrogant and impossible to work with.

Six of Wands Time Line

Past - With the Six of Wands set in the past, our times of success and fame are the foundation for today. It may show that our time to shine is behind us and now we have to let go of the image and the status we held on to, give the baton to the next person in line to shine with their achievements, or simply dial down preparing for the new phase or personal growth. It always shows that we have managed to resolve a conflict productively and that our efforts were calm and dedicated, leading to goals that boosted our confidence and a sense of personal strength.

Present - With the fiery energies balanced, you are ready to look into the future and work towards the ideal from a stable point of success. Achievements are guaranteed with this state of mind and energy, for this is where it becomes truly hard to shake us off balance and break our will. Ideas are mature and ready to be implemented into large systems, and sharing them with surroundings could be more satisfying than we might anticipate. A moment is perfect for public speeches and for the inner light of a person to shine on others so knowledge and centered peace can be shared.

Future - This is a truly supportive position for the Six of Wands, giving us something to look forward to in the time of need, as if the whole purpose of the card was to invite us to keep on making bold steps forwards. It is the point of stability of Self we wish to achieve, an energetic move down the path and adventure of life that is constant and powerful. It announces a calling we’ll sense in our belly, and speaks of the time when we’ll have to be mature and dignified enough to lead the way for others as well.

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