The World Tarot Card

The World
Tarot Card: The World
Planet: Saturn
keywords: Achievement, Responsibility, Ending, Repaid, Done
Affirmation: It is my responsibility to love me.
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Meaning: General - Love - Career - Health
Timeline: Past - Present - Future
Other: Reversed
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The World Meaning

The World is a card of completion, of tasks well done, achievements that have been brought to life and finalized, and all those tasks our Soul agreed to take on in this lifetime. In a reading, it comes as a powerful message that the Universe is ready to reward us for our efforts and the work we put into issues that are of true relevance for our Soul. It shows that a person has found the sense of reality that allows a cycle to end. Imagine the Fool begin something entirely new, unaware of much larger forces that lead through all other cards of the Major Arcana, to the point where he grew up, found its mission, and started making specific steps with actual responsibility taken. This card appears when we are fully ready for things in life and speaks of good timing and the synchronicities of the Universe going our way. It is the truth of our desires that we are now ready to face and commit to, coming to us at a time when the deep emotional process is done with and there is no more returning to some of the old patterns that took away our life force and made us feel bad.


Things get serious when the card of the World is involved in a love reading, as it shows karmic relationships with a strong message to learn from, and points out how our responsibility for Self reflects on others. It is also a calling for our sense of responsibility towards relationships we form as if they were separate beings, the third entity between us and the partner. It brings long-term commitments and deep dedication for important bonds we’ve created over time. Although this card may show a new love approaching that will be deep, serious and the crown of all our prior relationships, more often it speaks of someone we’ve already met or self-sufficiency that we need to feel good about at the moment. It can point out to marriage and the beginning of a shared life that comes as a logical consequence of a romance that has been in our life for years. Whatever our current situation, there is still “business” to be finished, so our emotional world can be cleansed and our life tasks complete.


The World in a career reading is an extremely positive setting of the card, for it requires stability and focus to get important projects done and shows that our efforts will finally be rewarded. It is a card of hard work that is brought to the last phase, and all we need now is enough energy and rest to make our final steps as secure and intentional as they have been so far. This card brings achievement, success and ambition, and leads us towards new heights in a professional sense, that allow our creativity to get out of fences and limitations that we stumbled upon before.


There is a lot of expectation with the World at our feet, and our physiology might suffer if we have finished some important projects and inner processes while failing to rest enough and show our body the treatment it deserves. This card brings a strong focus to our physical needs and the level of the material existence, as we cannot round up any idea without a strong link with the real, touchable, material world. It may announce times of struggle, when all we truly need is to be alone, meditate, stay in touch with the Universe and our Spirit guides, and choose a healthy routine to follow that will rest and relax the spasm that has built up since we started journeys that are now complete.

The World Reversed

In its reversed setting, the World shows a lack of focus and a person too tired to not get scattered on numerous irrelevant issues at once instead of holding on to the goal. It speaks of our lack of connection and understanding for the real world, as well as the inability to see the consequence of our actions or the timeline we must follow to reach a certain destination. It is the position of travel plans gone sour last minute and disappointments that all seem to come to test our will when we are so close to finishing an important project. It reminds us that we need a solid inner structure and to take responsibility for the life we wish to create, or circumstances won’t be as rewarding as we might think.

The World Time Line

Past - The World conquered in the past and our cycles already completed, we obviously have a chance to do something important with the freedom we fought for. This card gives special significance to the present time as it opened our doors and now we are responsible to use our knowledge, expertise, emotional clarity and our minds to do something truly important for ourselves and those around us. It shows how we have faced our issues, conquered inner shadows and demons that made our faith firmer and more potent for today.

Present - Not only does this card represent an ending with rewards and fanfare, it also shows a long time of struggle that might have made us too serious, intense, dark, even depressed at times, and a grownup when we should have been turned to the inner child from the start. It points to a state of rest that is necessary and should be one's priority in this moment in time, but also gives information about the final push and the energy that needs to be given in with the same focus we had for a long time. Physical rest will give more motivation and ease to our final punch.

Future - The card of the World requires time and speaks of large, deep, sometimes lifelong issues that have to be dealt with. It could announce travel, positions and status we have been anticipating and fighting for, but it could also show that we are still limited by the past and that some of the remnants of it won’t disappear as quickly as we might think. Whatever the case, it is the strongest ally we might wish for, giving us the strength needed to complete our journey and to pay off debts that our Soul came to repay. It shows that it is within our power to heal an entire bloodline by simply being who we are, dedicated to one cause, resolving an issue that was painful and limiting for all.

The World History

In older tarot decks, a tetramorph was typically depicted, representing the four elements and the four trumps of the minor arcana. Figures in four corners were also led by the Book of Revelation and later decks avoided too much Christian symbolism. Over time, it has changed numerous little symbols presented on it, changing the wrath to a snake that is biting its tale, and dialing down on too many things the card unifies by its symbolism. Thot tarot named this card “The Universe” and widened its meaning altogether. The central figure is meant to represent the fifth element, one to unite all others, and in the past it showed the figure of Christ or Hermes.

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