Choose Your Lines

Date: 2020-02-16
Choose Your Lines

Local Space Astrology is a valuable approach to planetary projections that allows us to understand how certain locations and orientations make us feel. It is the subjective showroom of our reality, pointing out emotions, tenderness and pressures we may find in a certain city and along lines going through it. Observing our planetary alignments in the horizon coordinate system offers the boost in the process of learning and gives us a chance to find a spot in place where some of our natal positions feel much simpler and burden us a lot less. 

Local Space Relocation

The primal Local Space projection from the point where we were born gives us lines going over the planet, showing where certain emotions and energies may be found or emphasized. Still, each city or spot we choose to visit (or relocate to for a longer time) has its own horizon and its own projection of entities governed by our natal relocated chart. We will see that this allows us to change not only the position of houses but also the position of planets and entire aspects we carry as weight from birth. Travel makes us richer not only because we expand horizons and learn about other cultures, but because we feel differently in every position on the planet, collecting information on how our planets would feel if we weren’t who we thought we were defined to be.

It is a wise decision to have your horizon chart printed on a see-through paper, well-oriented and in sync with standard maps (putting East on the righthand side) with colorful lines drawn for each planet. When such a personal map is put on any other map, center to center, lines will speak of streets, locations, and corners of your apartment that present a certain planetary energy and a feeling that you wish or wish not pursue.

Choosing a Home

In my opinion, the most important practical side to our horizon chart is the one implemented on our choice of apartment or house we will live in every day. Many difficulties can be overcome by simply choosing to live on our Moon’s line and depending on the natal position, any other supportive entity. To be set daily on the line of Pluto or Saturn for example cannot be easy and it will definitely stir up numerous processes that generations before us left as karmic debt to be resolved. If we seek enlightenment, this may be truly rewarding over time, but if we just want to commit to our peaceful existence, raise a family and enjoy life, these lines are probably better avoided. The best course of action, especially if we are buying an apartment in our name, is to choose a place where lines of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter bring a fresh breeze, as they are primal rulers of our emotional world and things that make us feel at home. It is also a good idea to choose a planet strong in its position and disposition and go there, or make sure that we are between lines in open wide spaces, where we don’t have to worry about negative influences to sink into. 

The Wisdom of Decorating

Once we already have our keys and a place we live in, we can project our local space horoscope on the center of the apartment and see where planetary lines go through in our personal space. This gives us the opportunity to enrich each energy with color, symbolism, feed it on both sides, and decorate in a way that gives most potential for weak entities to develop, and for strong ones to be emphasized. Usually, we follow the hunch and easily set things in order on lines of planets that are strongly set in our natal chart. Someone with a potent Moon in Taurus will instinctively put a moon-shaped lamp on Moon’s line for example, but those with their Moon in Scorpio could find this line going over the drain or their trash can. Jupiter requires world maps and expansion, the Sun requires light and is best set through a window or two, etc. Since we typically cannot change the structure of the apartment (speak about Saturn’s determination), we often need to adapt and make changes where they are possible and in a way that opens doors for a new perspective and emotion to build up. 

The simplest way to fulfill the desire of a planetary line in our apartment is to add color or sometimes hide a word or a phrase carrying its symbolism. A red rug on the line of Mars will make a big difference, just as a map on the wall might boost Jupiter’s strong side. A simple word or letter will feed Mercury, just as a green wall, a flower, musical note or instrument will feed Venus. The smallest of steps will make a difference and make room for next moves and bigger changes over time. Such an energetic input helps us take the right course and direction to heal. 

What We Gain

Local Space Astrology gives us practical knowledge on the way we can influence our unconscious needs and pressures by a simple rational input. This makes incredible things possible over time, as we influence our entire reality by the daily routine that gives a healthy level of acceptance to any of our planets, however roughly set it might be. With enough information on our hands, we may constructively redirect our energy and make things in our overall existence easier and more peaceful by simply feeding planets we run from, judge, or have any other problem with. Give your own lines a bow, check where they are flowing, and see if you’ve been following the path you would most wish to pursue.

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