Energy Leaks

Date: 2018-06-26
Energy Leaks

If we were enlightened, our energy would move in a perfect circle, with our abilities of giving and receiving in perfect balance. Relationships with other people define our level of awareness and it is the balance of responsibility in each bond that defines our openness for higher spheres, the Divine Love, and the touch of magic inside our touch with another human being. It is important not to shift blame on anyone (including ourselves). Such behavior taints our energetic world and makes us vulnerable to experiences that seem to be out of our control. Take control back by taking responsibility for your own life back from circumstantial and those who seem to be stronger in their will. To do this, we are to separate guilt from responsibility and see that our mistakes are nothing but a part of a much larger equation. 

Boundaries in Our Chart

All our defenses towards the outer world and its influences are seen through Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Depending on their dignity, aspects, challenges and positioning in a house, we can combine their meaning to see the bigger picture and understand which fences need to get stronger, and when our guard should be down. Mars and Saturn represent the root and the crown chakra, and speak of the physical world of limitations, seen in our physiology and circumstances surrounding us. Neptune, on the other hand, stands for our energetic body as a whole, the union of all our emotional weaknesses and frailty, protecting us with faith that has been incorporated in our hearts through positive beliefs. 

Although Jupiter is often seen as the guardian angel that protects us from harm, it is rather the bearer of direction we are about to take, and protects us indirectly, through choices that lead us around the burning core of trouble. Hence, it isn’t a boundary such as these three entities, one standing for our first touch with the outer world (Mars is the first planet that opens us towards space itself, away from the Sun) and Saturn and Neptune being our last boundary towards it (the last planet that can be seen with a naked eye and the last planet in the Solar system). 

Grounding and Faith

The main conflict in all of us is that of our material existence with faith in something bigger. Some of us have a fine tune of connection with the Universe and believe in its intent, as if everything that happens in the real world presents a challenge “only in reality” but is seen as beneficent on a greater scale of all things. When we are certain that everything in life serves a purpose, this allows us to keep our heart safe and gives a sense of protection to our physiology through Saturn and Neptune. Still, those who are open to symbolism governed by higher chakras, believing in the best that God has offered, often choose to stay in a bubble of belief without taking action that is required to make a change. This is typical when the context of one’s horoscope puts Mars to shade, with Saturn and Neptune strong in their ways. 

Strong Saturn will give a sense of responsibility and allow understanding of things that are out of one’s control and inside its realm, but it still isn’t enough if our grounding isn’t powerful enough to keep us moving towards something more satisfying. If there is a direct challenge through aspect of Mars with any of these two entities, we can anticipate problems with different extremes, from sensitivity and openness on an emotional plane, to roughness that cannot be contained as energy tends to release itself in the strangest of ways. Frustration is typical for a challenging contact of Mars and Saturn, and as it builds up, it is only natural for the release and liberation to come cracking through, breaking walls meant to protect us. 

When We Get Trapped

The trick of the Universe that keeps us in a constant loop until our lessons are learned is often seen in an unclear way. It is typical for us to make progress only as we learn about our strengths, and the policy of “accepting negative circumstances” might be a bit overrated. Although all our boundaries serve a purpose and keep us protected from some things in life, fate will often be perceived as something we cannot influence, keeping us in our zones of comfort for too long. Some of us have been blessed with a strong position of Mars that knows how to break these barriers without hesitation. Still, if faith and awareness of possible consequences aren’t set in place, this Mars will simply push too far and break hearts along the way with its insensitive activities. Anger is a fuel we should use for growth, both professional and spiritual, and shouldn’t ever be shoved aside as a negative emotion to be swallowed and forgotten. 

On the other hand, if we shoot too many arrows without focus, lost in the fog of ambition, unfinished business and ties from the past, our energy will simply bend and get destructive, without achieving anything productive along the way. This could lead to us feeling imprisoned, as if no action taken can ever get us out of circumstances that we never really attended to resolve in the first place. Only with focus and a solid plan we will stick to can we ever be honest enough to follow through. 

Fix What is Broken

The balance of Mars and Saturn is in fact the balance of activity and rest. If one of them is weaker than the other, we will see our routine in its imbalance to reflect the need of our zodiacal circle. Consequentially, we will all feel tired because of their struggles for Mars grows to become Saturn through the natural course of time, but the foundation we are to work on needs to be observed in a natal chart. If Mars is weak, the right way to regain energy is to exercise, become more active and turned to our routine and the food we choose to consume. Many people with Mars weakened feel the instinctive need to attend to it and do things that will support it into extremes. 

With Saturn or Neptune fragile or tainted, rest is necessary for our skies to clear up. When Saturn is in Leo and Aries, one will have trouble recognizing their limitations and push against all inner walls when their body needs rest. Unaware of their physical needs, they know they can do more than they really should, leaving their hearts vulnerable to influences from the outer world. Only rest and time spent at home where cozy and warm sensations come to life, may help their troubled bodies to find peace and relax, so they can breathe and act according to their authentic needs. 

The important thing to remember when dealing with wounded Neptune is the toxicity of relationships and all things ingested. Physiology of these individuals rarely metabolizes toxins well and it is wise to stay away from medication, mind altering substances, alcohol and nicotine, for they take much longer to cleanse than any feeling of numbness or satisfaction that they induce. All emotions coming from the ocean of Neptune are good. This leaves no room for prejudice and dishonesties. It is where all wrongly set beliefs and moral objectives scatter into pieces, and it is the core of the ideal we wish to achieve. With this in mind, we must remember that all things in our minds and hearts have their rightful position. Divine Love may be reached only when we embrace both our strengths and our weaknesses with an open heart.

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