Founding Energies Of Mars

Date: 2021-09-19
Founding Energies Of Mars

Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio (along with Pluto) and has the strongest initial input in our lives. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac circle and the beginning of all things, while Scorpio stands for the end of life, but also a sign of conception, where one thing ends for another one to begin. Mars is the primal scream, what comes first, and is connected to karma and unconscious energies that we use to move, build and create. Its times in Libra are not easy on anyone, as it asks a lot of questions, burdens the mind, and shows where our energy leaks onto other people, expectations, and realities that we chose through imagery, instead of our authentic need.

Action and Reaction

As a planet of action, it is easy to assume that its transition through the sign of its detriment disables some moves and inhibits our steps. This could be extremely frustrating and rough, especially on those born in the element of Fire, that have a consciousness (Sun) that is yearning to create, move, and keep on going instead of staying stuck. With the Sun’s fall in Libra, we can see that this is a place where all primal masculine energies are down, and the lifeforce itself gets to the point of stagnation until some important, deep problems are solved and karmic debt is repaid. This is really the need of Saturn exalted in Libra. It will remind us – when there is no order, no further steps can be taken. 

In fact, this is the time to take full responsibility for everything we haven’t brought order to in the material world, to create the foundation for steps we wish to take. Just as we cannot walk on water or air, we cannot land a plane, an idea, a thought, without setting it on solid grounds. Instead of pushing forwards fiercely, we should all work behind the curtains, on things that will serve a bigger plan, and give a foundation to our ideas, one small step at a time. If you wish to begin a new relationship, end the old one. If you wish to buy a house, make a solid financial plan and start saving. If you want to travel, buy a suitcase and organize your vacation days. If you want a baby, cleanse your body and work on creating an appropriate environment. Failed actions are a consequence of a universal reaction to our past choices and steps, that have not been rounded up just yet. What we are not ready to summon, will not come. 

Impact on Our Emotional World

Emotionally speaking, and with Libra’s ruler Venus currently in the Water sign of Scorpio, the main imperative here is to cleanse our feelings to the point where we can preserve our energy to help ourselves. The main problem of Mars in Libra is the energy we scatter on people who should be independent, especially in partnerships and our closest bonds. This is where boundaries help us most (represented by both Mars and Saturn) as we start to realize that regardless of the power of conflict with another (Mars in Libra) we cannot change their choices, their personal path, their mind, and their image of Self. 

Even if we try to do so, we should be aware of the disrespect hidden in any forceful attempts to move other people, for the Sun does fall in Libra, and the energy we spent might be moving in a direction that does not serve our personal lifepath. Focus on others is strong and it is there for a reason. This is a time when it comes extremely handy to communicate and listen, setting your mind on someone’s actual need for advice and assistance. Perhaps they must do it alone even though they are insecure? Perhaps it is not your place to push them? Perhaps you should protect yourself from being pushed? Anger towards another becomes productive as we learn – this person’s life is not our responsibility and our life is no one else’s project, not even our partner’s. What works best is work on ourselves and improving our ability to give ourselves the support we require. Relationships that really need us to always be ready to help are ONLY relationships with ourselves and our children, the ones we are responsible for by natural order.

The Foundation to Create

With the impact of intense initial energy here, we can expect certain relationships to begin. Doors are open to meet new people but without our cycles rounded up and our stories from the past finished, things won’t last or prove very fruitful over time. Here, every situation is a signal of what needs to find order, a new balance, and become more useful for our future. Throw out the old, cut off what is no longer needed, and don’t let other people push your personal decisions by excessive speaking. Pushy dialogues taint the image and distance people who are involved from their personal inner worlds. No relationship is bigger or more important than the essence and joy of each person involved in it, and this is something to live by while Mars is in this sign. 

When its travels here are done and it reaches Scorpio, we will be done with a process, a relationship, or our inner dialogue. Although we won’t reach perfection and solve all our issues as Venus in Scorpio might push us to, our limitations and boundaries will be clearer. We will create a new mental setup that allows us to separate from certain people to a safer distance, one that does not interfere with our personal path, or theirs. Ties with those who truly support us will become stronger and growth will come naturally in bonds that have the quality and respect needed to last. Do not rush, aware that rewards coming from patient, deep instinctive work are truly important. To reach any goal, we must understand and accept what we still lack, to achieve it in the real world. As you learn about your shortcomings, instead of giving up, slowly and calmly create those small things that are lacking first, until you see what you are truly capable of over time. 

Libra is the quickest of signs, cardinal and belonging to the element of Air. Mars exalts in the Earth sign of Capricorn. All imbalance here comes from rushing, pushing things too far, and we are about to learn where we need to slow down and take smaller steps. Think of this as your quest for moderation. This is a time when reality and grounding represented by raw energies of Mars, meet our mind in the sign of Libra. As uneasy as this may feel, it is the most potent inner connection we make for our future creative processes.

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