Is Silence Always Golden?

Date: 2019-05-20
Is Silence Always Golden?

As in all things regarding Mercury, we will see that there are two parallel theories about the right way to communicate with other people. One of them will suggest that we should be free to speak our mind about anything, at any given moment, with the ease of spontaneity rushing through our throat chakra. Everything said will, in the end, cleanse our world and lead to a better connection of heart and mind. The other theory suggests that we should be as quiet as possible, speak very little and listen a lot more, and this may be true except for the difficult part of restriction that might not be necessary in such a drastic way. Silence will help, as all things that support Saturn’s role in our life, to build a sense of faith, understand the logic behind our circumstances, and give ourselves time and space to think on our own, without intrusions from others.

Balance Lost

Challenging aspects of Mercury will lead to the loss of balance between these two extremes, where one will either be burdened by too much talk of others, or burden others with too many words that cross the border of a relationship. Whatever the case, there is no solution at any end of this specter when middle needs to be found. Communication in all its width is, after all, our way to touch others from head to toe. Although the primal problem of Mercury is the one with Jupiter, here we will see that the actual lack of balance comes from the imbalance of our Cancer-Capricorn axis and from the supportive or challenging roles of our Moon and Saturn. Depending on the strength and impact of each, we will either turn to the logic of expressing our emotions while failing to take full responsibility for things we speak, or turn to silence when our hearts have been bruised, to form a boundary and a fence that is made to protect our wounded heart.

The trick here is to accept that there is no wrong option among the two. A person will follow one to feed a certain desire and move with the impulse of the Soul either way. The only right thing we can do is to accept and embrace this inner need we carry. Each and every grown individual has the responsibility to listen to others and not drain their energy away by talking, just as we all have the responsibility to protect ourselves from those that cannot seem to stop talking. Dancing on the verge of these extremes, trying to find the right one is in its essence wrong, for both need to be loved and cherished as they speak of our strong suits, just as much as they speak of our weaknesses.

When the Words Flow

The real role of Mercury is to share information. Be it good or bad, it serves a purpose, and this is where the primal conflict of Mercury and Jupiter in our human world comes to light. Each word has a purpose, no matter if it comes from the core of our awareness, focus and center, or from our shadows where energy of others (and ourselves) is drained. The real information isn’t within the intellectual power of words as much as the emotional one. The way we react when other speak, as well as our freedom to express ourselves without shame, will essentially be linked to the feel rather than any specific theory we might share or listen to. Words are meant to feed our heart and they will do so, no matter if we feed it with poisonous “mushrooms” or loving and kind emotions. Just the same, we are meant to protect ourselves from negative feel of other people, especially if they are dishonest and seemingly kind while our heart is screaming for honesty and we try to listen to our brain.

When it comes to behavior and relating, Mercury has a special role to touch, as it becomes emotion itself. Corresponding between our mind and heart, its task is incredibly valuable, but comes down to the fact that word equals emotion, in each personal world and for each Soul. While mind protects the heart, the heart gives actual information, and it is the first authority to listen to in any contact. Instead of tearing ourselves between responsibility to Self and responsibility to others, we should first remove the baggage and see how we can love ourselves more, no matter our problem with communication. This is where space is created for actual responsibility to kick in, when we are set free from guilt that never stood a chance in resolving our problem. Our purpose isn’t taken away no matter the words we speak or don’t speak, just as our responsibility is there for the taking whenever we are ready.

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