Jupiter: The Planet Of Abundance

Date: 2021-12-04
Jupiter: The Planet Of Abundance

Learning about your planetary placements, you’ll find that Jupiter always brings blessings and abundance. But what does this mean for the spiritual entrepreneur? Read on to learn how to utilize Jupiter’s blessings in each house and sign to attract all the good vibes to your business. 

Aries / 1st House

With your Jupiter in Aries or the 1st house, you can use that enterprising energy to get projects off the ground. Your positive attitude and passion for your ideas will help you attract the team you need to get the job done. Be careful to avoid “shiny object syndrome” with every new idea that pops into your consciousness. Jupiter in Aries is fantastic at initiating a task but might struggle with completing it. If you can find a way to consistently feel thrilled and excited in your work, you’ll have the energy to take your business to amazing heights and rise above the competition. 

Taurus / 2nd House 

Often people view Taurus as laid back and maybe a bit lazy. But with your Jupiter in Taurus or the 2nd house, you highly value stability and comfort and you aren’t afraid to work to achieve that. In business, your luck comes when you apply your innate patience and steadfast nature to your goals. A slight downfall may come when you’re resistant to shifting gears in your business when things don’t go according to plan. If you can learn when to be flexible and when to double down, you’ll tap into some serious gains for your business. 

Gemini / 3rd House

People with Jupiter in Gemini or their 3rd house were born with the gift of gab. You shine when you express your thoughts and ideas, especially on social media. Your charming disposition and ability to absorb and relay knowledge make you a trustworthy source for your customers. Though you do get bored easily, if you create content and share information that’s exciting to you, you’ll be exciting to your clients and followers. 

Cancer / 4th House

With Jupiter in Cancer or the 4th house, your intuition is your best friend. You would find success in running a business centered around healing and using your ability to help and nurture others. But even if your business isn’t strictly “spiritual” you can still use these abilities to connect with everyone you work with, giving them exactly what they need. Empathy can have its drawbacks when you begin taking on too much of your client’s energy. But if you can prioritize nurturing your energy while holding space for others, your business is sure to thrive!

Leo / 5th House

Jupiter in Leo or the 5th house brings abundance and luck to people who explore their creativity. Though this can literally mean pursuing artistic fields like painting or making music, there’s also creativity to be found in problem-solving and thinking outside of the box. Expansive Jupiter in this placement brings forth all the bright, optimistic, and attractive qualities of Leo. You’ll do well being on the center stage of your business. People will be attracted to your work if you’re having fun with what you do and sharing that joy with the world.

Virgo / 6th House

In this placement, Jupiter brings luck to those who are of service to others. Your luck and abundance come when you lift people up and guide them toward being a better version of themselves. People with this placement are natural healers and fixers. Use your keen eye and attention to detail to help the people you work with discover and heal the things that have been holding them back. Be careful to not get so caught up in the specifics that you miss the big picture. Being able to zoom out and help your clients apply what they’ve learned from you can be life-changing!

Libra / 7th House

It should be no surprise that Jupiter in Libra or the 7th house is all about connection and relationships. You’ll find the best luck in your business if you’re out there networking and having one-on-one experiences with people. You’re naturally charming and willing to please, so people will effortlessly gravitate toward you. You also have an eye for beauty and those you work with will appreciate how you make their world a more gorgeous and luxurious place. A point of conflict might come if you try to give too much of yourself to your clients. Keep things balanced by setting boundaries from the beginning and you’ll have constant harmony in the work that you do. 

Scorpio / 8th House

If your Jupiter is in Scorpio or the 8th house, you can naturally hold space for people’s deepest darkest traumas and secrets without judgments. Additionally, you fearlessly explore your depths to uncover the unsavory bits that need attention. By focusing the aim of your business on this ability to handle the dark side, you’ll attract plenty of people who will benefit from deep shadow work and healing. Helping others with this kind of transformation can be exhausting. Make sure you come up for air and hang out in the shallow end occasionally. 

Sagittarius / 9th House

Jupiter absolutely thrives when in Sagittarius or the 9th House. People with this placement are optimistic, cheerful, and inherently wise. This is a natural placement for teachers, and you’ll experience wonderful growth if you get out there and share what you know about your passions and interests. Extra points if you’re offering teaching and guidance about a spiritual topic! This placement craves freedom so avoid feeling bogged down by the mundane tasks and ask for help if you need it. (Perhaps from a Virgo Jupiter?) But regardless of what entrepreneurial path you take, it will be blessed by Jupiter’s luck and abundant touch.

Capricorn / 10th House

Dutiful Capricorn combined with expansive Jupiter makes a hardworking force to be reckoned with. You excel at creating structures and foundations for businesses to thrive. Though grounded and steady, Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning it’s fantastic at getting things started. You find success in a leadership position, gathering teams to help you make your visions come to life. It’ll be important to remember to step away from work and nurture other parts of yourself. Doing so will keep you energized and able to continue attracting success!

Aquarius / 11th House 

Jupiter in Aquarius or 11th house people are out-of-the-box thinkers. You’re attracted to the strange and unusual, often staying ahead of the trends. More importantly, Aquarians are naturally philanthropic and can see the bigger picture when it comes to doing the best for humanity. You’ll find success and abundance in creating groups and organizations meant to inspire and uplift others in making the world a better place. If you figure out how to take your knack for innovation and combine it with your ability to bring people together, you’ll make waves within your community. 

Pisces / 12th House 

After Sagittarius, Pisces is Jupiter’s favorite sign to be in. With Jupiter in Pisces or the 12th House, intuition, empathy, and psychic abilities take root. You’re able to not only connect with and understand others, but you’re also able to feel what they feel as if their experiences are your own. The people you work with feel so deeply seen and understood by you which brings immense healing. If you center your business around your otherworldly talents, you have an opportunity to find success. Make sure to keep your own cup full by avoiding filling it too much with the energies of others. This is crucial to not only your success but also your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Knowing the house and sign in which Jupiter resides in your chart can help you access innate blessings and ease for your business. Leaning into these energies can help you attract abundance in all forms as you connect with your clients and use your talents to help them grow and evolve.

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