Social Circles And The Way We Connect

Date: 2019-01-09
Social Circles And The Way We Connect

Eleventh house gives us information on our social life, the way we connect with human race on a seemingly intellectual level, and it may seem less relevant in our interpretation of personal interaction with the world than some other areas of life. Still, its power of liberation and its rewards for the person we built within our core are something that cannot be found in any other house of the natal chart. Its value and importance should be something we analyze just as much as we would attend to anything else.

Friendships and Support

Since the eleventh house is the eight from our fourth house (derivative houses) it speaks of the true challenge of our Soul in this lifetime to accept its struggles on a much wider scale. It is no wonder that our friends will often connect with us in understanding of things that haven’t been well absorbed by members of our family. We are obviously there to heal each other’s emotional wounds that limit us and make us feel like we don’t belong. Every issue that hasn’t found its rightful position in our family line and our home, will have a chance to manifest in contacts we create with the wider representation of the system we belong to here, on Earth – in our social circle. 

Eleventh house will speak of our friends and a wide range of social contacts, of stress and superficiality of relating, and give us gifts of progress through meaningful bonds we create outside of our family line. In a way, our personal progress towards the authentic person we wish to become (represented by our main goal in life and the tenth house) will be seen in the material world through intimate contacts we create with people who aren’t related to us by blood or romantic involvement. Our friends tell a story of their own, about acceptance of our Soul’s hidden corners and things that our parents had a hard time metabolizing.

Our Tribe and Our Freedom

Large groups of people who stick together give a sense of belonging to everyone involved, and with differences found among its members, it gets easier for those belonging to adapt in all other areas of life. Still, rarely will functional groups as such help one sole individual feel free in all their inner struggles, as they are often stripped of deep emotional and intimate contact with all members of the “tribe”. Some people will belong to such groups, hold on to the circle just to have a circle they can call their own, in their battle to belong. Others will create their own circles, forming lasting and deep relationships with each individual in their own “group”, finally bringing them all together. The torn nature of Aquarius and our eleventh house is best seen through these subtle connections between our friends that are completely out of our control but help us see the middle ground for our own inner conflicts. 

When someone’s eleventh house stresses them out, it will usually be seen through superficial bonds that have a sole purpose of sharing information without much personal contact. This instantly reminds them of the person they wish to become, as their tenth house is meant to serve as an airport for all the closeness they actually need from the outer world. The eleventh house is meant to be the “dark side” or the “other side” of our own family that incorporates missing parts of our Soul in their place and make us whole. If it isn’t, we probably haven’t achieved our own authentic goals and still need to think about ourselves first, before turning to social norms and criteria coming from the system that isn’t our own. 

To live our own free existence, it is our task to become the person our inner child wants us to be. Only once we are well on our way will we have a chance to connect on a level of higher communication and consciousness with our true tribe. If we give up on ourselves, our friendships will fail and disappoint. If we build ourselves, we will meet people with deep quality to help us understand our path better. Our friends stand as the stretching arm of our ability to follow our true calling and stand between our goals and our ideals as a bridge that connects the two. Whenever we disconnect from our talents and calling, our social life will suffer, showing us that we need to change and embrace what we truly desire instead of casting it aside for status or professional success that won’t satisfy our joyous, childish core. 

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