Houses In Astrology

The Tenth House

When we speak about our career and our social status, we are speaking about our tenth house. It is a place where all of our ambitions go, and just like Mars is exalted in the tenth sign – Capricorn, our first house ruler naturally focuses on our tenth house to reach its goals. Its Latin motto regnum means “Kingdom” and serves well for us to understand the importance of this house in our personal life. If the eighth house represents one’s moment of conception, the tenth house speaks of the way our mother was feeling when she found out she was pregnant. This shines a new light on our ambitious or less ambitious nature, for we will see what we strive for as something directly correlated to our mother’s first emotion as she became aware of our physical presence.

Areas of Life

When we speak about the tenth house, we have to keep in mind that it is our antenna into the world, as a flag we keep on top of our heads to show everyone who we are. This is a house of status and our place in the society, as well as our true calling, or things we wish were our calling but aren’t just yet. It hides all of our career choices, our first big job after we graduate from college, our boss and our authority. As something we strive for, trying to become everything it represents, it is logically linked to the parent of the same sex – the one we look up to so we can live a functional life as a woman or a man. Just as the fourth house is closely linked to our genetic inheritance, the tenth house speaks of its extremes and everyone in our family tree we want to become rather than feel we’re leaving behind. As such, it seems to be some sort of primary opposition within our family tree, creating a step we can jump on to become what was left to us by our elders.

This house speaks of obligation, planning, and personal responsibility. It sees all and covers all areas of life in a way, also clearly showing the image of the family we create in this lifetime, strongly based on the potential of the fourth house and the family we come from. Together with the seventh house, this one also speaks of public appearances and the way others see us, usually through the status or the name we build for ourselves. This is a point in which we choose our profession and name ourselves lawyers, engineers, technicians, builders, teachers, etc. This is one of the most important places in our personal chart for it speaks of everything we strive to become.

The Tenth House in Aries

If the tenth house is set in the sign of Aries, there is a natural need of a person to focus their energy on career goals and the material future they can build. This is the position connected to innovators and those who started something new, becoming widely known because of their initiative and their ability to lead the way. On the other hand, this is a signal that some anger, neurosis or hurt was linked to the beginning of the pregnancy that brought us to this world. This can lead to the tendency to manifest masochism, thinking of ourselves as unworthy or unfit to achieve something great, mostly triggered by the relationships Mars has with Venus and Saturn. To reach the point of personal and professional fulfillment, these individuals have to be brave enough to aim high, and start something new when the time is right.

The Tenth House in Taurus

With the tenth house in Taurus, a person’s goal in life seems to be physical, sensual satisfaction. The position of Venus will tell us of the area of life this applies to, but it will always be connected to the search for sexual pleasure and the right, healthy routine. These people have to eat what they want to, make as much money as they want to, and enjoy themselves as much as they want to. Although this position primarily leads to a career in financial waters and banking, it will always be a simple sign that the love of one’s job has to be strong in order for the job to get done. All of the energy these individuals focus on activities that don’t make them happy, tend to take too much of their energy, making them tired and seemingly lazy. No matter if their calling is art, cooking, or finances, they have to find joy in it so the inertia of love will drive ambition to actually pull them anywhere from a standing point.

The Tenth House in Gemini

If the tenth house is set in Gemini, we can instantly presume that a person likes to talk and be seen talking. Just as the seventh house Gemini likes to share their opinions with the world, this is someone who not only shares, but also lets information define them in the society. This position often leads to strange circumstances in which gossip, nicknames, and empty stories surround one, until they find the right words to show their true selves. People with the tenth house in Gemini have to learn to be carefree and deep at the same time, quick enough to take action and human enough to make mistakes. If they build up a beautiful image of their personality within, they will have no trouble manifesting it on the outside, creating incredible social contacts and opportunities for everyone around them.

The Tenth House in Cancer

When the tenth house is in Cancer, we see that roles have been reversed, and the family this person wants to create resembles greatly of the family they came from. Emotional and professional are intertwined here, so it is quite typical for them to continue running a family business, or turn their lives towards children and the image of a perfect family. Many housewives will have this setting in their natal chart, but also those who feel at home when they are at work, sleep in the office, or start a new business venture with their parent. In the equal house system, Cancer on the tenth house cusp means that the ascendant is in the sign of Libra, the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. When we connect the dots we will see that these individuals have a task to learn something about compassion, forgiveness and love in this lifetime, even though a chase for a meaningful career might seem like their priority at first. However much they respect tradition, they should always hold on to their individuality and act on emotions to reach their destination.

The Tenth House in Leo

With the tenth house in Leo, you get a typical manager. Even if this person isn’t talented to govern people and their Sun is weak, they will still try to show off and present themselves as dominant, strong, big, or as if they are the ones who rule. All beneficent positions that follow this one only improve one’s energetic state and provide the confidence to materialize goals. To come to any leading position with the tenth house in Leo, these individuals often have their family standing in the way. Either their parents will support them and give them all they need to lead, or they will burden them with difficult genetic debts that need to be repaid in order to blossom. Whatever the case, this position has a strong gravitational pull that won’t allow much weakness, let alone the feeling of powerlessness or the loss of colors in life.

The Tenth House in Virgo

When the tenth house is in the sign of Virgo, a person seems to be born with a need to fix their own goals. They will rarely aim high enough or chase positions they might have been made for, as if they turn to self-judgment too easy to make any professional progress at all. This is a position that speaks of all those who end up buried in paperwork, accountants and worker bees of any kind. They will work for others, loyal and dedicated to the preservation of their practical benefits. Just as their other Mercury related “colleagues” with the tenth house in Gemini are turned to oratory fulfillment, these individuals will often have the need to write. Spoken word will be much more distant than the written one and their talents will pull them to journalism and writing of any kind.

The Tenth House in Libra

If the tenth house is set in Libra, we instantly see that the center of one’s world is found in their relationships. Other people will define the destination this person will choose, and it will not be easy on their personality if the Sun isn’t very strong in its position and disposition through the planet ruling it. Tenth house in Libra speaks of one’s chase for marriage, search for a soulmate or someone to define their strivings in life. While they seek balance, they will find as much of it as their Venus allows, and in time build a strong basis for an equally manifested personal and professional life. Tact, diplomacy and dedication are the main traits a person with this position is trying to gain. This is why they will turn to professions in politics, law, marriage counseling, or simply point their life towards finding their one true love, putting every other segment of life aside.

The Tenth House in Scorpio

If someone’s tenth house begins in the sign of Scorpio, the main thing they are supposed to reach in this lifetime is emotional depth. This is a deep Water sign that allows no superficial feelings, and as such it is a strong basis for professional success. Obsessive chase for their goals makes them incredibly strong, motivated, as if they were magnetically attracted to their calling seen through Mars and Pluto. Still, it will also show how aggressive they can get in their approach. The best manifestations of this position hide in great sexual satisfaction they will achieve, as well as through roles of healers, scientists, psychologists, and all those incredible souls who aren’t afraid to dig for truth and show it to the world. From coroners to Bach practitioners, these individuals will have a calling that isn’t easy to understand and accept by many people in their world.

The Tenth House in Sagittarius

With the tenth house in Sagittarius, it is evident that learning leads to progress as if life was a simple equation. However, this is the sign of all distances and it shows the tendency of a person to work abroad or chase their career goals somewhere far from the place they were born in. While they learn about their true calling and direction in life, they will easily scatter their energy on too many things at the same time, wasting their potential on a personal search for their mission. Overthinking will make them seem like incredible philosophers, but it will rarely give them the material results they wish for. In order to reach true satisfaction, they have to let these distances flow through their heart, realizing that we all share the same planet, the same Universe, and none of us is far from home at any point in time.

The Tenth House in Capricorn

When the tenth house begins in Capricorn ambition isn’t a problem and things tend to be as clear as day. The problem will arise once the person realizes that their lack of energy led to some bad choices, pushing them into unnecessary feelings of guilt. A mistake has been made while they formed plans in their previous lifetimes, and now they have a debt to repay being responsible, serious, and committed to causes that might not give results. Progress will be hard to make but when properly approached, high positions will be reached. Success will come only through hard work and correct actions that might even seem annoying to some people around them who always have an easier way out. This is a good practical position though, for there seems to be a deep understanding of reality and everything it might bring, giving one a strong sense of right and wrong as they grab responsibility for their life.

The Tenth House in Aquarius

If the tenth house is in Aquarius, a person is almost always eccentric, different, dressed in colors you don’t see every day, or in another way strange to the outer world. An outcast and someone who is born to develop their mind, this is a person who wants to be your friend and knows that they have the ability to find enlightenment but don’t yet have the body to reach it. They need to take care of their daily routine in order to ground all of this lightning energy and power. We could say that in case of a good position of Saturn and Uranus these individuals become true children of the Universe, open to things larger than our human race and aware of the network that connects us all. With enough bravery and initiative, there isn’t anything these people aren’t able to create.

The Tenth House in Pisces

When the tenth house is in Pisces, there is no saying how long their career choices will last. This is often frustrating as the purpose of each job slowly fades making room for obligations and responsibility a person is not ready to sink into. There is a talent somewhere in the horoscope of these individuals that needs to be discovered and used in order to spread their message into the world. Many musicians and painters have this tenth house position to shine like a lighthouse taking them home. The ties created through the sign of Pisces are strong and they will often speak of dependencies of all sorts. This means that one might have one goal in life – to shake off self-destructive habits and dependencies, no matter if they are in relation to narcotics, alcohol, or ex partners who made the world of this person toxic in any way.

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