Stagnation And Change

Date: 2021-07-08
Stagnation And Change

Current aspects point out an important topic in our lives that puts a lot of pressure on some of us right now. Stagnation, actions stopped, circumstances meddling with our plans, things going to waste when we already invested a lot of energy, feeling imprisoned and stuck. These are all issues we are feeling to some point these days, not only because of aspects of Venus and Mars with Saturn, but also due to fixed elements that these aspects are in, Uranus (quick change) fallen, and other distant planets in retrograde motion. It seems like the Universe wants us to return to something, finish the cycle, just as we gained strength to move forward, thinking that we are finally free to point ourselves in a new direction.


One of the most pressuring sides to Saturn’s nature is stagnation. While it may bring numerous difficulties to our door and remind us how small we really are as humans, where things are delayed, take time, energy is blocked, and sometimes our whole life seems to stop altogether. The biggest problem with stagnation is the effect it has on us over a long period of time, draining us out and leading us away from feelings of frustration into a hopeless state where we start thinking that nothing will ever change, for it “obviously” never can. An even more dangerous side-effect of lack of change is ultimately illness, for what we push into our body as unprocessed frustration comes back to give its final, physical truth. Luckily, this is not the lesson that Saturn primarily wants to teach us. While we must let it go, accept the limitations and circumstances it carries along, it does not tell us to lose hope even though it may seem to, considering the problem of Jupiter’s fall in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn

The real lesson of Saturn is always to rest. Have more faith. Know that you are being protected by the Universe from something you are not yet ready for. While this planet has been recognized as extremely maleficent for centuries, Saturn is really just a teacher that is rough around the edges, without compromise. It will not allow what our Soul does not need for growth, and while this may feel awfully pressuring and painful, perhaps it is our job to give our resistance a rest and see the best we can get out of our current situation. It may be telling us that we have tried to rush things that aren’t to be rushed. That we have not yet resolved what it put in our path for a reason. That we have not USED what we were already blessed with. That we are trying to jump over the set of circumstances that we MUST face if we are to continue our journey the way we would like to. Most of all, it teaches us of proper responsibility as well as responsibility of other people in our lives. 

With Saturn set in challenging aspects, things that aren’t functional won’t do, this including relationships and any lack of balance in giving and taking. Maybe one partner has a lot to offer and would gladly give away everything they have for a “better life” in their relationship, but Saturn does not let them. That loan won’t be approved, a new pregnancy will not come, that apartment won’t be sold, and limitations of the real world are clearly shown to those who took things for granted or gave more than their hearts could handle. So what does this mean? What must be done FIRST? Saturn is a calling for responsibility that needs to be shared and energy that must flow both ways. It will tell one person to finally seek protection and shelter and tell the other that they must improve themselves for the one they are hurting. Whatever the situation that got us stuck, it needs to be imagined different, with someone else, in different surroundings, where energies are flowing in balance so there is a point of unity to be found. 

In addition, it speaks about our boundaries, and this is a time when we SHOULD NOT overpay, spend money on things that don’t work, wardrobe we don’t need, or any other form of short-term pleasure that will not be functional for our proper advancement. It is telling us to not stay in a relationship with someone who does not fulfill our needs while having their own needs met, or anyone who finds us useful without being useful in return. It will limit moves of those with excess initiative and call on those who are passive and wait for others to solve their problems. Whichever side of this equation we are on in specific situations, it is calling on responsibility for finding balance in our lives, for it does exalt in Libra

Where is Balance?

If we dive deeper into the matter of balance, it is obvious that Libra speaks of it along with its balancing counterpart Aries where Saturn falls. However, there is another fine line, intertwined with this one, where acceptance truly lies, and it is the axis of Taurus and Scorpio. This is literally the axis of Comfort vs. Change where Venus seeks its other side, while Libra easily discards Taurus (its eighth house). This is the place where Libra tends to say: “I am smarter than you”, “I compare us”, “I am the one structured”, “I am prettier”, “I take pride in my plans”, “I know that you (Taurus) should not do what you do”, etc. The shadowed response of Taurus then becomes “I am hurt”, “I am unworthy”, “I am static”, and finally both become “incapable” of change.

Accepting practicality of our bodies and material assets becomes the main imperative, and change can only come through the flow of emotion in Scorpio. Cleansed emotions allow us to summon outer circumstances more supportive of our needs. This practically means that there are a lot more steps to get out of stagnation than one might imagine – taking responsibility for ourselves and our relationships (Saturn), understanding where TRUE balance is found (Libra), understanding who we are (Aries), accepting our unmet emotional and physical needs (Taurus) and only then healing and stepping out of our comfort zone (Scorpio). This is where ultimate, thorough and deep change comes from, from the sign of Scorpio, where Mars finally finds what it needs to round up its action and become whole on our path to evolve (Uranus exalted in Scorpio). 

Instead of being too hard on yourself, telling yourself that you are incapable or unworthy of having your needs met, ask yourself where you truly got stuck? Are your relationships flowing both ways, emotionally and financially? Are you attempting to find a routine that balances out pleasure with obligations? Are you aware of your actual resources? Are you giving your energy into something useful? Are you supposed to do something innovative and completely different this time around? Are you getting enough rest? Are your emotional needs met? Are you stuck in unresolved trauma (Uranus in Taurus)? Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? 

When these questions all combine you can see that it all comes down to self-love and the time that we take to ask ourselves all the questions that might point out what truly stands in our way. Be patient with yourself as you are more complex than what you produce or achieve in your everyday life. If your actions don’t develop to make progress just yet, if the situation is out of your hands, prepare a nice meal, enjoy your day, and get the rest you crave for. Maybe Saturn simply gave you more time for you. 

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