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Uranus is the first planet beyond the visible sphere defined by Saturn’s orbit and as such, represents our first step outside of boundaries of obvious, normal, or circumstantial. Traditional Astrology does not acknowledge its effects as one of the three transcendental planets, those beyond our reach, that transcend our earthly existence. It is not easy to grasp Uranus from our earthly point of view, and we need to understand that its role is to separate us from earthly matters, lift us high up, in order to lead us towards Universal thought, higher consciousness and finally - enlightenment. If we understand that Saturn represents all restrictions, Uranus is just a step away from it, providing us with absolute freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and cold, daring truth of humanity. It rules the sign of Aquarius and always expresses on a higher mundane level, creating opportunities to jump out of routine, exchange the old with the new, and turn to progress and innovation.

Planet Uranus

Uranus is an “ice giant” with lowest temperatures in the entire Solar system, and the only planet here that takes its name from Greek mythology. The axial tilt of Uranus is about 99 degrees, meaning it rotates around the Sun on its side, which is why a season on it lasts 42 years, and this is just one long day from its perspective. It was the first planet discovered after the invention of the telescope although it can be seen on a clear night and from time to time with the unaided eye. Because of its low luminosity, it was mistaken for a star for years. With at least 27 known moons, all of them named by characters created by William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope, it is circled by satellites less than gas giants preceding it. Uranus rotates in the opposite direction than that of other planets, just like Venus, and this seems to be truly significant to understand its nature of opposition, spite, and eccentricity.

Uranus in Astrology

Astrology itself is presented by Uranus. Observed as a planet of liberation, rebellion, communism and anarchy, it finds its strong basis in Saturn’s rule, just like the sign of Aquarius strongly relies on the basis set in Capricorn. Without pressure, there is no breakage, no freedom without structure, and no liberation without responsibility. To understand Uranus in astrological interpretations, we have to understand that it rules the sign traditionally ruled by Saturn and see that even the mythological story puts these two entities in an archetypal rebellion of the son against the father, further more defined by the opposition Uranus presents, with its main opponent in the zodiac being the Sun, the ruler of Leo.

On a personal level, Uranus always shows the need for separation, rebellion, spite, and our personal search for freedom. We will see that the house it is set in always seems to be filled with stress and pressure, as if it has had to deal with Saturn and needs to break free. The tension this planet brings to its surroundings needs to be channeled through a strong body, and all those individuals who are strongly linked to the effects of Uranus, have to make their physiology strong to ground this incredible intelligence and knowledge without damaging their brain and their entire nervous system. To truly live Uranus, we have to find our bright light within, and we have to be prepared to take all the necessary steps towards the realization of our goals. Uranus hears no excuses and needs a clear mind and a clear heart to manifest in its most exciting, surprising and beautiful light.


Uranus will mostly manifest as stress and tension, on a physical level as well as all others. We will see that a house visited by its magnificence is tense, filled with pressure to break loose, bringing all sorts of spontaneous situations that tend to divide, conquer, change, and explode. This is why its strong effect is even stronger when it is set in our seventh house, leading to breakups, divorce, and puts an emphasis on the natural opposition we have with other people. It will affect all of our relationships built in the area of life connected to the symbolism of the house it is in, and the sign it is set in, although generational, speaks well of the nature of liberation we are in need for.

This is a planet of eccentricity and always speaks of individuals who are different, strange, out of the ordinary, in some sort of fight with the system and the state, and among them scientists, astrologers, homosexuals, and all of us who stand out and have a humane initiative to fight for someone’s rights, including our own. It is a planet of gambling, chance, risk, leading us to dangerous activities when afflicted, and sometimes endangering our wellbeing by chance, strange circumstances, or extreme choices that we make in spite of rational opinions, especially those of our fathers. It is a ruler of all humanitarian efforts and doesn’t care so much about the individual as much as the utopian image of our entire society. It is the antichrist and the biggest believer among all planets, ruling the third sign from Sagittarius and as such – representing the language of the gods themselves.

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