The Real Mission Of The Sun

Date: 2019-10-21
The Real Mission Of The Sun

The story of the Sun along with all its myths comes down to the masculine principle, one that drives, gives life a push, and shows initiative in any situation. This is why we consider Sun in Fiery signs to be strong and dominant, while dispersed on mental efforts and let down in Airy, relating signs of Libra and Aquarius. It is as if the collective is constantly teaching us that we are to adapt and compromise in order to get married or fit the right social circle, and to communicate with others on intellectually satisfying levels. 

The Point of Balance

Knowing that the constellation of Libra is in fact represented by claws of Scorpio, whilst being the Sun’s greatest challenge and the point where it falls, we must acknowledge the frailty of balance found on the 15th degree of this sign. It is only a dot in the entire zodiacal circle, and one point where the Sun can relate on purely equal terms for both parties involved. Those with their Sun in Libra will often shift from one side of the scales to the other, most of the time compromising to meet other people’s needs, sometimes feeling inadequate to do what needs to get done on their own, as if they were dependent even though they don’t want to be. After the anger kicks in, they will shift to the other side, where they think they are better than other people in their lives and decide that they don’t need the world and don’t need to relate in order to be happy. It is only when they realize that the battle itself is too extreme and unnecessary will they find the center of personality to hold on to. 

Libra is the most challenging point for the Sun to be found in, coming with the greatest potential as well, to meet one in the middle with tact and devotion to the relationship at hand. No other person can clear the air as a Libra, when they are stable on their own feet and ready to initiate what they feel should be done, regardless of everyone else’s opinion. 

To add to that, we have the Sun in detriment in Aquarius, where the social pressure is a lot to handle and similar to Libra’s challenge, opinions of others will matter too much until the point of breaking is reached, where balance is created at any cost. Here, the task isn’t to clarify the bond with another, but to clarify the freest self-expression possible, where the authentic can come out in any way no matter the shady emotional or mental content. There is no shame big enough to put a healthy Sun to shame, and we all have the burden of shame in our core, showing our frail and childish small ego every step of the way, until we reach absolute enlightenment. 

What About the Feminine?

What we must notice at this point is that the Sun finds its exaltation, home, detriment and fall in masculine signs of the zodiac. Well then – what about the feminine? It somehow always turns to this strange territory where it is neither good or bad, talented and useful yet possibly stuck, as if speaking of the overall imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies in the world around us. We may seek the core of feminism and patriarchal society here if we wanted to, as the Sun gives life through a woman’s body and how come it isn’t explained better through the archetypes found in feminine signs. Mars found its place in Scorpio, but the crown seems to fall solely into the world of men, just as the fall of the ego does. With such a strong masculine story to tell, how is it really connected to the feminine?

This grand star that created all is connected to the nature of the third chakra in each of us, and we must keep in mind that its greatest challenge of all is to balance things out. With this in mind, we can remind ourselves that the second chakra, connected with Venus, is found right below it, as the foundation for its healthy core. Above it is the heart chakra, the Moon, and its ability to connect with the Divine thought. Circled by the closest to Earth, special feminine entities, the Sun really doesn’t seem to have a way out of any challenge without moving through the filter of personal satisfaction and love. 
Feminine signs are those that bring things down to Earth step by step, giving faith (Water) and materializing (Earth) what we imagined (Air) and decided to initiate in Fire. The royal nature of the feminine will become clearer over the two millennia ahead of us, as the royal star and the brightest one from the constellation of Leo, Regulus, moves through the feminine sign of Virgo. It has found its way there after spending more than two thousand years in Leo and the precession brought it to Virgo a short while ago, in 2011. 

The Mission

Considering the position of the third chakra and the relevance of closest, loving, caring feminine entities for its health, we will realize that our Sun’s ability to heal is found in straightforward and active balancing of energies of Venus and the Moon. This is what its initiative is meant to move towards, so it can be light and let the energy flow, connecting satisfying pleasures of love on Earth with the Divine, motherly love. When we think about it this way, we can look back and see the actual roughness of the Sun’s standard chase for status and rule. It seems to reflect on our lack of awareness and ego troubles to a much higher degree than we are still aware of. We still chase for status, acknowledgement, out of a healthy need to feel like we belong. The only problem is – we naturally already belong and even when love has been shown in unusual ways, it is always there to burn like a torch giving light to our inner world. When there seems to be no love, we don’t see things from the right angle and what needs to change is perspective, not personality. 

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