The Truth About Love

Date: 2019-10-08
The Truth About Love

Every emotional struggle in our lives is triggered by some sort of imbalance of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, leading to convictions that summon circumstances and reactions to the outer world that aren’t in tune with our authentic emotional needs. With the current position of fallen Venus in Scorpio where she seeks the core of all honesty, this seems to be a good time for some truths on the matter to be brought to light. 

Challenge of Jupiter

Although Jupiter seems to be disconnected from loving, emotional, cuddly things in life, rational and preachy, its main purpose is in fact to lead us to love. It is the beneficent giant that exalts in Cancer, finds peace in Pisces where Venus is exalted, and understands the real direction that we are to take with initiative and our fire of positive beliefs (through Sagittarius) to reach the materialization of our goals in Capricorn. It is no wonder that Capricorn is the sign where Jupiter falls, for it is the higher power, the ultimate faith of being in the right place, at the right time, and the questionnaire that each religion needs to pass in the real world, in order to last. Time will be given to truths that are in tune with the Divine, and nothing else will do for longer than two, four, seven, or ten years. If we are reeeeally sneaky, we might be able to trick fate for longer, but the cycle of Saturn will tell us in the end that almost 30 years of our lives has been wasted to feed lies. 

Although this may sound harsh, the essence of Jupiter’s fall is never easy, until we learn. Capricorn won’t be the gentle magnificent force that builds our healthy boundaries and keeps us safe, until we see how wondrous it can be. The challenge of this current setting of masculine essentials in Libra is just that – to see the structure and the depth beneath it all, to see how it is all connected and balanced already, and to understand the essence of symbolism and the Divine Mind that plans our life right by our side. It will never take our willpower away if we are in tune with our calling, but feed us to make progress that is pure, childlike, and the actual path of love for Self. This isn’t a battle to engage in, but rather a place where opinions and beliefs of others no longer interfere with our own in ways that make us see lack of love in the Universe we belong to. 

Where It All Begins

It is clear that the idea of love is built in our first years, but it is built, furthermore, through ideas, ideals and disappointments of ancestors that preceded us for centuries and millennia. Some lessons have been learned on the collective plane before we came to be. Other lessons haven’t yet been metabolized by our system, and we might just be here to see them through and relieve the burden of our family tree and thus – the entire humanity – by finding love in secluded, distant places, where loneliness seems to be the only answer found. 

Imagine a child loved unconditionally, given freedom to speak their mind, to be authentic, to be angry and sad and laugh without control, fully protected and always loved. Imagine if you were such a child, with no sense of shame and parents who gave you love through ANY circumstance and any deed done. Now imagine for a second that this was true for all of us. What would happen between us as grownups if we were all so blessed and lucky to be given ACTUAL freedom for our inner TRUTH? This inner child we all remember to some point, is always honest. What we unintentionally do to hold on firmly to the sense of belonging, is justify our parents our of pure childish love, for telling us that our truth isn’t true. And so the root of wrongly set convictions is planted, as it has been through generations and generations preceding our own. There is no guilty party here, only the repressed truth, the cycle of fear, and the conditioned love that is in its essence – untrue, as you can see. The important thing here is to always remember that this doesn’t make us unloved, it simply gives us a task, an equation to solve, so we can turn our focus to actual love we’ve been given once we are done.

As we grow, we are to expand the magnitude of gratitude for love and life we’ve been given, as we have been given a chance to remember what it was like to see this truth as children, to love and be loved without condition, if hidden in relationships with our parents, than certainly in contact with the Divine, with Nature, with all of the world breathing along with us in its pulsating cycle of life. No matter what we are feeling today, this is the inner fire and the inner force that still beats and breaths within each one of us. However bruised, we are still attuned to the essence of our authentic life to some degree, or we wouldn’t be here in the first place. And life itself is the manifestation of love, so we must be loved by the Universe and sent here for a reason. Interestingly, the child is never fully understood by the parents, as the child itself is the next generation, evolved, improved and carrying a brighter beam of light into the world. This practically means that we cannot hold a grudge because our parents couldn’t have known what they couldn’t have known, as this gave us the purpose in life today – to deal with our share of responsibility in a much larger grid of human evolution, where Saturn meets Aquarius

Real Life Manifestation

Now what if someone had their Moon, Venus and Jupiter set in Capricorn? Well there are some big shoes to fill, that is obvious, but the real direction here is to build the world of love instead of gushing in sorrows of the past lost. Real love endures the truth, it lasts when we can say, do, give or take whatever we feel we need to. All conditions are thrown away here, or we get stuck in repeating patterns that some traumatized ancestors repeated and brought down to us to resolve. This goes to some degree for any of these planets challenged in any way, pointing out that we’re still blaming someone for what we never got, or trying to feed our inner world from the world of others which is impossible. 

Troubled emotions are expected with the grand emotional loss of Venus in the sign of Moon’s fall, but what happens with those fluent planetary positions, when Venus and Jupiter are, for example, in Pisces? Here lies the mirror of the problem in question if a problem will arise, as these individuals know how to absorb love. However, they will hold on to it as a blessing as if they were drunk, while the hard, stone-cold truth is that they have been bruised and a part of an experience that could have been avoided if their boundaries were in place. The dismissal of truth here is shaped for the sake of emotional stability and their hearts will be in the struggling state of peace produced while they meet tough circumstances and their own shadows that are often glued to other people as their “faults” and the core of judgment. Forgiveness given here isn’t real but a form of passive aggression when they are determined to believe in love at any cost, even when they really don’t love themselves enough to say “no”. The illusion of love here is just as damaging as the lack of love there, as both aren’t the truth that we sought but ways to cope with the fact that our truth hasn’t been seen

Today we are grownups and it is no one’s responsibility to make us feel loved but our own, just as we are not the saviors meant to prove to other grownups that their theories of love are right or wrong. That they are also loved. Time always shows what is true anyway, so we might as well relax, start believing our own emotions, turn to look to our Soul and give love to ourselves. Remember the little you and the Self you’ve felt with your entire being, even if this means it is you against the world, however painful and sad the lonely position might be, and remind yourself that you’ve been given this Self by a force much larger than any parent, any individual, and any outer authority that the collective fully understands today. It is your task to evolve, to remember the unconditional love for Self, as this sets you free from all conditions and pressures of other people who cannot know what you know about your own truth and your actual needs. All you can do when relating is to try to meet each other in shared truths. Everything less healthy deserves a rational boundary to keep our heart safe and the fence should naturally be in the exact spot where love shared is true. Although this all seems to be easier said than done, with enough time and tenderness given to our own inner world, we might just get close enough to be happy and make this world richer through contacts made by our pure childlike heart. 

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