Uranus And The Constellation Of Andromeda

Date: 2019-02-27
Uranus And The Constellation Of Andromeda

Uranus has been travelling back and forth for a while, entering the sign of Taurus, returning back to Aries, only to get ready for the final transition to the materializing sign of its fall. Ideas are about to break apart if they aren’t functional, but this is also a time when ideals might be achieved if we believe in them and keep our focus on things we love and desire the most. Freedom of old patterns will be brought down to Earth, and might come with a bang or in peaceful energy to those who are already on the path of their heart.

Myth of Andromeda

By myth, Andromeda was a princess and the daughter of Cassiopeia, a disdainful queen who claimed that she and her daughter were prettier than nymphs of the sea. This caused anger and nymphs complained to Poseidon, seeing it as an insult of their godly role. Troubled by their anger, Poseidon sent a sea monster to destroy the entire kingdom ruled by Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen, and the only way to spare the country and all people in it, was for Andromeda to be sacrificed to the monster. In lack of choice, she was tied to the rock to wait for her death, naked and all alone.

Perseus showed up riding a Pegasus, in just the right time, fell in love with her at first sight, and defeated the monster on the condition that she became his wife afterword. There are several versions of the myth to follow, and by each, their wedding was interrupted by king’s brother who claimed that she was his stolen bride and attacked Perseus with his army. The army was defeated just as the monster was, by the head of Medusa from Perseus’ bag that turned them to stone. An addition to the myth is the scheming of Cassiopeia who didn’t want Perseus to be her son in law, this leading to extensive conflict in which the entire army had to be defeated in the name of love. Once they were married, they moved to a distant land and had many kids, many of which became heroes themselves and had successful life stories that overcame numerous obstacles of the collective.

All of these victories of Perseus are achieved by the use of Medusa’s head that he had cut off earlier. The Pegasus he flew on came out of her blood and the head he carried along still had the power to turn to stone all those who looked in her eyes. Taking into consideration that Medusa became a monster in the first place due to rape, loss of child, a complete loss of hope and trust, betrayed and left to deal with her issues alone, it is clear that victory hides in acceptance of anger, rage, resentment and what is considered monstrous even though it comes from incredible feminine pain.

How Does Uranus Relate to the Archetype?

On the last degree of Aries, Uranus is in conjunction to the fixed star Mirach, found in Andromeda’s belt. This quite vividly speaks of her liberation from chains she was tied to by fate, while she was waiting for destiny she fears most out of guilt that isn’t her own. This position speaks of liberation of sacrifices made, the heroic quest to set free from our mother’s ego and unrealistic views that come out of love, out of best possible intentions, blurring our image of self and our true inner wonder (true colors of Venus). Most of all, it speaks of our naked, earthly beauty that ties us down through opinions and ego troubles of others. Now that Andromeda’s life is freed by Uranus on the last degree of Aries, matters of the past that influence onrelationships are about to come to light.

In the ingress chart of Uranus’ transition to Taurus, Mars is on the star Almach found in the left foot of Andromeda, speaking of all those unfinished business with ancestors that one needs to deal with after their salvation. The time of Uranus in Taurus is by its nature the manifestation of the ideal love, but brings tension and tearing within the family tree, and led by this myth, speaks of negative involvement of one’s mother in law, the bride’s uncle or her entire family, and all influences from the side that require brutal force and us to fight for love by every possible means.In addition, the entire road of Uranus from Andromeda’s belt to her toes, speaks of instinctive and sexual needs that are to be incorporated in loving relationships. Mars in Taurus itself speaks of this issue, and followed by such a strong relation to the collective through Uranus and this myth, we can see that the consciousness on the matter is about to rise.


Behind all those influences from the side and battles that must be led in order for love to prevail, for one’s position in the world to change, for travel to occur, and for successful and incredible children (and creations) to be born, is the fight for purity of feminine sexuality. It is the story of protection of the vulnerable, beautiful feminine and the turning point that sets us free from ancestral pain and superficial views on looks, false pride with appearance and women’s hatred towards aggressors who bruised them to begin with. Hatred and rage are to be turned into protection and motivation, to one’s advantage in their battle for love. We are to turn our destiny in the real world around, turning our bruises into weapons to fight for causes our vulnerable selves believe in most, with clear intentions, dignity, true heroes that we are.

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