Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2017

2017 Aquarius Horoscope

Spirit: Excitement, Electricity, Fireworks, Overstatements.
Color: Gold.
Places to visit: Costa Rica, France, Mongolia.
Things to learn: Making Balloon Animals, Gardening, Kite Surfing.

The General Feel

This is a year of fiery experiences, sudden changes, and solid foundations that need to be built in order to truly make progress. While the entire cycle of the Sun always tends to give a special glow to your activities, you should be careful while it is in Aquarius and Libra to keep your ego in check and respect all other people and yourself as much as you can. In general, the first half of the year gives many opportunities for new ventures, and acquaintances that might become stable and grand in time.

Returning to old unresolved stories will begin in April and last all through the summer, so try to let go of outdated emotions and leave the past where it belongs, unless if you are aware of the ways to resolve certain matters that hold you back. Although 2017 begins with Venus in your sign, it won’t visit you again this year and your greatest emotional possibilities will open up in May. This is rather a year for strong will, a building of your position, status, and financial security, than one for tenderness and emotion. Be careful not to neglect your basic hedonistic needs and have enough time at home. Rest, kiss, hug, and feel good in someone’s arms, no matter the tone of your relationship.

The Greatest Challenges

February brings a rush of incredible energy that might be hard to contain or control. This could turn to aggression and some of you will fall into temptation to use force to get what they want. This is never a good idea, and you need to try to accept the simple truth you are aware of most of the time – that if something is meant to be, it just comes with an easy flow.

The Greatest Rewards

Great success can be reached in the last several months of this year, once you realize which direction you want to take and why. If you make a final decision and go for your goals, incredible opportunities will open up in front of you before the year ends.

Physiology and Body

This is a year when your natal Sun is supported by Jupiter and Saturn all the way through October. While some problems might surprise you along the way, they are likely to develop in a positive direction for as long as you don’t resist the lessons they try to teach. Since this is a year of strong will and activities that require a lot of masculine energy, your feminine side could suffer no matter your sex. This could lead to urinary infections of all sorts, as well as problems with reproductive organs and hormones. Tachycardia or irregular heartbeat might come as a standard routine for some of you, but you should really pay attention to the messages your body is trying to send before accepting them as a normal part of your daily routine. Some usual issues with your nervous system are possible in the second half of this year, but this shouldn’t worry you much for as long as you have enough rest to handle the need for invested energy.

Love and Family

This isn’t such an emotional time for you, even though you’d like to burst with feelings and commit to finding the love of your life. Professional world will pull you too strongly and all romantic opportunities tend to be too distant or too strange to be grounded and brought to the real world. Enjoy platonic relationship as much as you feel the need to, but remember to treasure those who wish to hug you and bring coffee to your bed or your desk each morning. Many of single Aquarius representatives will meet someone exciting in May, and with enough care and dedication, form a relationship that could last for a long time. Knowing what you want out of partnership and your future family sets high standards and helps you find the ideal you strive for, but not as soon as tomorrow. Your tendency to return to relationships you finished with a long time ago will blossom in August. Be careful not to give in to the pull of what already made you unhappy and hurt.

Work and Finances

February brings Mercury to your sign and Mars to Aries to meet with your ruler. This is a moment when many new things could start and you could change your entire career path, or simply make a shift within your current workplace. Educate yourself to make progress and be the one who inspires others to move for their goals too. Doing what you love and enduring in your efforts to be creative will come easy, so don’t force yourself to commit to the work that doesn’t satisfy you. The greatest financial rewards will come out of pure joy anyway, even if things don’t seem this way at first.

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