Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2020

2020 Aquarius Horoscope

Spirit: Closed, Chapter, Planning, Togetherness.
Color: Telemagenta.
Places to visit: Austria, Florida, New Zealand.
Things to learn: Graphic Design, Assertive Communication, Tarot Reading .

The General Feel

Just as many others, you are ready to leave some things from the past there for good, but not without a few looks over your shoulders and attempts to fix what is broken. The static and fixed nature of your sign is about to become obvious, and you won’t really be sure what to expect from yourself. Solitude will be good for you when used to keep you safe and allow time to metabolize energies and interactions going on in your life every day. Give yourself time to understand and sense what is meant to push you forwards.

As soon as 2020 begins, things are about to shift and change, with new beginnings in order. Although some of you might follow through on your new year’s resolutions, it is more probable that the element of surprise and instant inspiration will inspire you to make a turn in the middle of January. As the year progresses, you will find all other decisions coming from this foundation, so you need to be generous with yourself and your own heart, to be clearer about all future boundaries.

The Greatest Challenges

This spring brings multiple questions and times of self-doubt, when you won’t be sure if you should succumb to the collective opinion and the belief of the public or follow your own inner voice. Remember that doing things out of spite isn’t your best bet, but even though it isn’t as progressive and mature as it is supposed to be, it might be a good way to release the tension and do something productive for yourself in the process. The greatest challenge through the course of this year is not to swallow your own emotions while trying to blend in. This is obviously not your role in the world.

The Greatest Rewards

A new understanding of stability will arise, even with incredibly exciting changes on your mind, and you are about to set free from dilemmas that have been swirling around your head for a while. What you thought were opportunities missed could turn out to be things you never really needed, and the inner peace you will reach through acceptance cannot be compared to any other success at this time. This is a time of love, creativity and motivation, when relationships have the ability to give you wings to fly and boost your creative power. Stay inspired and stay in love, if not with another person than with yourself.

Physiology and Body

March and December stand as two opposing points of frailty in the course of the year ahead of you, one of them showing how well your immunity can handle the real world, and the other reminding you of the “spine” that is needed to stand tall. Fevers and inflammations are possible, and you should be careful to rest for as long as necessary until you heal. Don’t try too hard to rush the process, or you might make things worse. By the end of the year, your physiology will either give in to stress or recognize the routine and daily support it has been getting, this bringing your entire life quality on the next step of the ladder.

Love and Family

New beginnings and romances are about to light the path of Aquarius representatives. In your search for inspiration, intimate contacts will be made, and those of you who are single and on the lookout for a new love will have a chance to go through a special adventure. This is a time when a union between two people must come down to friendship and liberating dialogue in order to be perceived as serious, carrying the potential for the future. If you are feeling stuck in your current bond, this might be the year when you’ll feel a strong urge to let go and set free from its ties.

The intensity of your love for personal freedom could make a large shift to your family and things you’ve been building for a while. Those who leave might return just to make sure that the decision to leave was spot on. Try not to move back and forth to great lengths if it hurts someone’s feelings and takes your energy away. Young people and children will brighten your days, and family plays an important part of any decision at this time. Still, you should keep your boundaries safe when it comes to personal decisions and specific calls that you must make to feed your heart with bravery and joy.

Work and Finances

The first half of the year seems to promise solid plans that lead to the goal, but in July, the turn that takes place could take away the sense of security and ground beneath your feet. Instead of seeing this as injustice or an obstacle to run from, face your shadows and realize what has yet to be done for the structure to be set. The chance to make professional progress is there for the taking, but only if you are modest enough and ready to learn about history and past methods. They are to be outgrown in a natural pace instead of trying to skip steps that are necessary for full understanding.

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