Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2019

2019 Aquarius Horoscope

Spirit: Glimpse, Life, Inspiration, Initiate.
Color: Spring Bud.
Places to visit: Netherlands, Egypt, Greenland.
Things to learn: Kite Surfing, Cooking, Gardening.

The General Feel

Although Uranus entered Taurus for a short while, it returned to Aries and reminded you of the energy you’ll need to create and manifest your ideas and visions in the following months. Detachments from the real world simply won’t go anymore, and you’ll have to face the music and become aware of things you do to satisfy your needs in life. With the beginning of spring, all matters of personal satisfaction and guilt come to focus, and you are about to realize that you need more time with yourself, moments to calm down, turn to absolute hedonism, and be a bit lazy to finally put your energy to rest.

Although it won’t exactly be easy to calm down, it will bring great rewards if you turn to pleasures of life and move just a bit slower, so you can manifest what you wish most, taking small steps forwards. Greatest stable progress will be made in April and October, for opportunities will arise to bring your plans to action and share them with the rest of the world. The last couple of months of 2019 bring deep and thorough changes that push you out of your comfort zone and into the real world you must handle. Keep your body strong and ready to conduct signals coming from above.

The Greatest Challenges

August and September bring challenges to the structure and the foundation you are used to relying on. This will be an uneasy time when you must return and dig in, stay stable and fix all that has been broken, so you can move on towards the goal step by step. This could cause setbacks to your career, finances, and all material efforts that should make you comfortable and calm. You must ask yourself if your talents are truly employed and if people around you are supportive of your authentic personality or not. Without a clear position in the system, grand plans could give weak or shallow results. Think of the bigger picture, break the rules only with enough support, and don’t put your head through a wall.

The Greatest Rewards

Friendships and social contacts will be more rewarding than ever and holding on to long lasting ideals and talents will finally come in useful and handy. This is a moment to turn to little things, conversations that are flowing and gentle, and build a support system you’ve always needed to ground your thoughts instead of spinning around in your brain for years. Realistic and solid attitudes and powerful steps forwards when you already see yourself in victory will lead you far. Get out of your comfort zone, but first, build enough emotional support and tenderness to have wind in your sails.

Physiology and Body

The overall atmosphere of 2019 might be a bit tricky, as your energy dials down and you feel the need to reach the state of peace at any cost. This means that your usual methods and active push towards new solutions might get obstructed, making your immunity drop, your knees and knuckles weak, and your lungs or stomach fill with frustration if you don’t let the emotional flow take over. Breathe, take your time, and don’t push yourself over any physical limits if you don’t have to. July might bring psychosomatic, unclear, or psychological troubles your way. Talk to the right people at this time, turn to alternative methods of healing, and make sure you are relying only on those with enough education and experience to give structure to their desire to help.

Love and Family

Thinking about the person you want to become, you could get carried away in new relationships you don’t exactly understand and burst into flames of passion and emotion when you least expect to. Allow yourself to feel these moments deeply, staying aware of all those things you deserve in life, and all those emotions that can be shared if you stop struggling against the light in other people. You are to find your own center, so you can be respected and valued for your authentic goals and strengths. Family troubles will get emphasized in July and November, and these are special times that allow you to reconnect and resolve issues on an extremely deep plane. Don’t let other people’s limitations define your own.

Work and Finances

Although this can be a financially rewarding year that allows specific steps in a chosen direction, you need to be careful about risky investments during February, July and December. Keep the ground beneath your feet stable so you can work from a solid foundation. Your mind will be unleashed for the most part of the year, but you are to focus and pick out only important matters that can be implemented in the systems you belong to, without irrational expectations that systems can be changed overnight. During the time of Venus in Leo in August, it is best not to push through troubles with authority figures or start any new business projects, as challenges for ego battles on too many planes might disturb your waters greatly and make you less confident than you need to be to move forwards in a suitable pace.

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