Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2022

2022 Aquarius Horoscope

Spirit: Surprise, Spirituality, Self-Expression, Honesty .
Color: Purple.
Places to visit if possible: Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Texas.
Things to learn: Tribal History, Hairdressing, Traditional Dances.

The General Feel

Saturn still puts a lot of pressure on your Sun travelling through Aquarius, but aspects surrounding its shadows and difficult energies are more supportive than in 2021. Changes made are thorough and leave very little room for anyone to change their mind in years to come. You are feeling brave and see things clearly, with an open mind about possible solutions and an adventurous approach to life. It is within your authentic nature to turn things upside-down so you can see what comes out. This will not be easily accepted by close surroundings, but there have always been people who understand your needs and support them, even if they are doing so from a distance.

Keep fun activities a constant no matter what happens. Joy and gratitude are to become a part of your steady routine, torn from any collective pressure or expectations of peers, colleagues, or family. If you are clear and honest about what makes you happy, making room for yourself will leave you potent to help others follow their own path, too. Don’t forget the importance of your stability while trying to see another’s point of view. By the end of the year, you should be able to turn around with pride and commitment to an entirely new goal.

The Greatest Challenges

Physiology has a hard time following your ideas and mental activity, and circumstances won’t exactly go according to plan, even when you think about every possible detail. You must release any sense of control around matters that are not within your range of responsibility. Pressures of the outer world come to remind you of the wondrous world you carry within. Don’t force what isn’t going well. Putting your head through a wall won’t help your overall wellbeing and goals reach could be disappointing.

The Greatest Rewards

You are fully aware of your desires and things you can do to reach for them, step by step. No disappointment will throw you off guard and make you feel incompetent when you believe in the sense of mission and joyful energies that are calling on you in months to come. Spring is rich with new emotions and information that are important for your whole future. Connect with people who have no trouble opening their hearts and minds to you, brave to discuss your own inner cravings with love and devotion to shared ideals and positive beliefs with the right crowd.

Physiology and Body

Body could suffer if you cross too many of your own limits in the process of making life as you want it possible. This is a tricky year for all muscular, technical aspects of your physiology, when cuts, bruises, and even breaks are possible. Make relaxing massages a part of your monthly schedule and routine, stretch and rest after every strenuous activity. Lack of attention for your body could trigger numerous problems and a general loss of immunity that will slow you down. Even if there are generational issues behind certain large physical problems, you have a chance to heal bit by bit, with proper self-care and love given into places that hurt or create imbalance. Look out for your nervous systems, ligaments, and mind. Your thoughts might be the reflection of habits you need to kick out of your routine.

Love and Family

It seems like love for Self is the greatest priority in the world of romance for Aquarius representatives in 2022. The relationship of self-care you develop will become the foundation for all emotional contacts and intimate relationships you summon in the future. The more acceptance found for your shadows, the closer you’ll get to creating the right kind of relationship with your partner, as well as less significant people in your life. Serious and long-term bonds could become more stable. Feel free to speak your mind, respecting who you are and giving room to another to do so as well.

Ideals will fade by the end of the year. This may seem tragic, but it will really turn your focus to realistic relationships, family members, or time spent in circles that never cast you away. November brings surprises into your emotional world, possible parallel relationships or liberating love stories for those who have been stuck in an emotional loop for a long time. Remain adventurous and share both positive and negative views and energies with those you’ve supported for better or worse for a long time.

Work and Finances

Summer months are a good time for new contracts and paperwork, when creativity takes a different course, and you finally find a way to get something done with your own two hands or your power of voice. Personality must be shown in the strangest of situations, but you have no trouble standing out, for as long as it is done for a good cause. Without a sense of purpose or progress, it will be easy to leave work environments that bring you down. Existential fears that might come with September aren’t supposed to hold you back, but to teach you what you can do to be truly in tune with the value of your time and energy. Save money in the beginning of the year for unexpected situations that might come as 2022 approaches its end.

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