Yearly Aquarius Horoscope for 2023

2023 Aquarius Horoscope

Spirit: Ready, Self, Emotion, Guidance.
Color: Gold.
Places to visit if possible: Cambodia, Australia, Norway.
Things to learn: Solo Singing, Weightlifting, Piloting.

The General Feel

With a sense of purpose, Aquarius representatives can have incredible accomplishments in 2023. Saturn is about to leave your first house with the beginning of March and difficulties it has been bringing to your plate for the past couple of years are about to intensify as this year begins, only to dial down and disperse with the start of spring. You are done. Done with other people’s responsibilities, things of the past, burdens that aren’t yours to carry, and wish to turn to the future and ideals that you’ve been setting aside for a long time while fighting battles that are no longer meaningful or necessary.

Forgiveness and humanitarian needs come in all shapes and forms, especially during the spring months when gratitude and self-worth need restructuring. You will have some grand ideas that need materialization and hard work, but you won’t find it hard for as long as you see meaning to your deeds. That moral compass could break and be renewed as mental processes reshape to fit the direction that feels right. Your gut is showing the way, distances that need to be made, and you are no longer in the mood to compromise your own happiness for someone else.

The Greatest Challenges

There is always a risk of selfishness as you choose to follow your authentic needs, but your deeds could also trigger others to judge, gossip, and talk behind your back when you put your trust in their hands. Be careful what you speak about, keep important plans to yourself, and mind your business when it comes to choices of those who have their own issues to resolve. Communication could become difficult and social contacts might fade and take a turn when you least expect them to.

The Greatest Rewards

You’ve built a strong foundation to be patient, not so much with others but with yourself. A calm, steady approach to your reality gives you room for manifestation and all those ideas that have been spinning aimlessly in your mind. With autumn, you should sail into calmer waters where you can deal with internal issues peacefully, even when they are intense and really difficult to process. Ties to the past are slowly breaking, setting you free and allowing you to live your honest, authentic and liberated life.

Physiology and Body

Calm the body to calm the mind, and choose movement when in search for solutions if you get detached from possibilities in your life. This is a year when you have the opportunity to see the fine connection between your physiology and your surroundings, circumstances, and the response of others to your inner condition. It is time to say “no” to what is toxic and blurring the image you have of the world. Problems and chronic conditions that have been building up have a way of strangely dispersing and healing comes from the most unexpected sources. February and April are risky times when you need to pay special attention to your health, so pay special attention to eat colorful food and drink a lot of water. Avoid dining at risky restaurants and places that don’t feel clean or reliable.

Love and Family

You are about to reach a point when enough is enough, and some compromises simply won’t be made in months ahead of you. This could lead to thorough changes in the world of romance, and you are about to learn that the love you feel is enough to boost your spirits and help you deal with the world around you. There is a strong urge to be gentle with yourself, accepting your own flaws, and whoever is too critical or demanding in your intimate life won’t be tolerated for too long.

Love comes in different shapes and could return from the past in July and August, when Venus is retrograde in your seventh house. Some emotions are to be revived and others are to be relived so you can see them as parts of yourself that still need nurturing. When it comes to close relationships, 2023 isn’t so much about other people, as it is about yourself and pieces of your emotional world that need to combine into a greater whole. Be giving and generous with those in need, silently and without too much discussion. You have the power to heal any internal wound that start to bleed along the way.

Work and Finances

Jupiter is slowly joining Uranus in Taurus. All the changes to the economy are reflecting on your own and starting with May, you’ll see career opportunities that will bring more money to the table. Ideas that need grounding will become practical and supported by opportunities in the real world, for as long as there is love for your creative process and proper motivation. If you are stuck in a working environment that is unfulfilling, this is a year that could bring important and big changes. Your direction depends on inspiring and joyful moments, not solely on existential matters that have been pushing your buttons for the past couple of years. Unhealthy choices need to change, so if you’ve made some in your professional path, expect disturbances and shifts of consciousness in April and May, leading you towards something new and more in tune with your actual talents and needs.

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