Yearly Leo Horoscope for 2020

2020 Leo Horoscope

Spirit: Seeing, Light, Friendship, Belief.
Color: Vivid Sky Blue.
Places to visit: Turkey, South Pole, Burma.
Things to learn: Capoeira, Photography, Guitar Playing.

The General Feel

However promising 2020 might seem, it is a year of letting go, when only dealing with shadows of the past has the ability to set you free to move forwards. The back and forth movement will become obvious as soon as the year begins, and intensify greatly in March and October, from two seemingly opposite situations in life. Connect the dots and learn from your experiences, realizing that you must use your knowledge along with everything it carries along. Practical sense shouldn’t leave you no matter the ideal that bubbles below the surface. Instead of dismissing either, find a way to connect them into coexisting and you will start fighting for the higher cause.

The foundation has been set and your workplace has a chance to steadily grow as you make progress, month by month. Obstacles are expected in September and October, especially if you bump into dishonesty and strange information that lead you astray from your own moral judgment. As autumn moves and turns into winter, steer clear of parallel romances and all those things that could destroy the foundation that you’ve been building so far. Value your past or the future might make you uncomfortable. Remember to make progress with patience and commitment to one focused goal instead of scattering your intentions all around the place.

The Greatest Challenges

The middle of October pushes numerous buttons in lives of Leos, especially when it comes to matters of initiative, proactive approaches, and finances. Some risks are better when not taken and it is important to see which opportunities are real and which are unrealistic at this time. Some delusions are about to be broken even if you don’t want them to be, and what you find in the ruins could bring on a sense of personal responsibility that seems to be too much to bear. Share what isn’t solely yours and realize that your deepest system of support is the one of your ancestors with all their responsibilities to be claimed. Give back what isn’t yours and forgive yourself for the load you’ve been carrying even though it doesn’t belong on your shoulders.

The Greatest Rewards

Friendships might turn into love stories with a twist, emotions are about to blossom as you move through your own inner world, and you have a solid chance to creatively express all your desires and feelings. Inspiration won’t lack no matter the amount of pain or difficulties in your path, and you will know exactly how to use your state of mind to make progress in ways of self-expression. Springtime brings incredible energies your way and they are to be used to make progress in all areas of life.

Physiology and Body

A healthy routine makes all the difference for Leos in 2020, especially after the summer is over and you are once again turned to the internal struggles that trigger problems with your spine, neck and joints. When you are rested, safe and comfortable, rest some more, so you can gather energy for the unexpected. Metabolic processes are about to speed up, but they could push you into overeating and patterns that are destructive in the long run. Put care for you on top of your priority list and give yourself the healthy routine your physiology deserves. This will save you a lot of trouble as the year comes to its end.

Love and Family

The middle of August and September bring chances for a new romance, and single Leo representatives will get a chance to have some fun while at the same time deeply connecting with another person. However intense things might get as new energies release and your sexuality is awakened in its full bloom, you are to realize the limitations of each bond you create. See where your deep desires lie so you can ask yourself if they have been met. If not, you don’t have to continue the struggle and it is possibly time to settle down with an easy flow in your heart and separate from tense and burdening contacts.

As the future unfolds, some expectations won’t be met, big and small. Don’t let disappointment take away your focus and faith that you can achieve what you truly desire. The test of faith comes through contacts that lack the essence of understanding of the issue shared. Stay open for full interactions and bravery will be rewarded by resolved matters and new ways to connect, where not only respect but also love goes both ways in a similar fashion.

Work and Finances

Even though some of your plans seem quite obvious in the beginning of the year, you should leave enough room for changing your mind if your authentic Self wishes to move on. Although patience is a virtue, it might hold you back in the following months, especially after the summer, if you get carried away into emotional matters that are deeply moving. Stay true to your strivings and goals that you’ve carried along for years. This will help the solid foundation to return to your workplace, no matter the earthquakes in your private life. Financial security is guaranteed in a way, but only if you are prepared to hold on to safe and static structures until you are ready to move on.

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