Yearly Pisces Horoscope for 2020

2020 Pisces Horoscope

Spirit: Promise, People, Intimacy, Boundary.
Color: Viridian Green.
Places to visit: Portugal, Mongolia, Mexico.
Things to learn: Bowling, Habits of Animals, Fabric Painting.

The General Feel

It will take a while before the haze and the atmosphere of this New Year come to light. February and March will make you question some of the habitual and usual routines and things you do every day, and the deep sense of change is about to come alongside this inner drive. The most important thing to learn in the following months is the importance of personal boundary. No matter what happens in your life, you should remember that you have the right to protect your physical, emotional and professional worlds from any intrusions that aren’t invited or welcome.

This year is to teach you that the material world has its absolute equal in the emotional one, leading from one thing to another, until you get to compare the incomparable and see how they intertwine. Don’t take away the value of any area of life, especially as retrograde movements of Venus and Mars remind you of your own ties and relationships that haven’t been resolved by now. Certain promises will have to be met and some loyalties finally broken so you can move on, free from what is no longer there.

The Greatest Challenges

There is something illogical about the timing and the emotional view you will have on other people. Relationships may even become dreamy, but the inspiring elements could fade if you go one step too far in anticipation of what isn’t there. Be careful not to let your usual sensitive heart and your empathy to draw you into relationships with those who may abuse your trust and make you feel wounded all over again. Even though we all have the ability to trigger each other’s wounds, and even though each deeply close contact does so, it is up to you to protect yourself from intrusions on your sensitive emotional world.

The Greatest Rewards

Once the line has been set and you know where you stand and where other people should be, the safety of this distance will allow your inner world to blossom. By autumn, inspiration will pull you in, and you will become extremely creative around issues that make your inner child dance for joy. Smiling, healthy social contacts and the ease of relating will come as a natural and liberating reward for all those ties that break free, and for the relationship with Self finally put on healthy and stable feet.

Physiology and Body

Springtime brings respiratory issues to the table, sour throat and runny noses, as well as allergies and lack of tolerance to factors out of your control. Medication should be taken only when specifically prescribed and you should ask for a second doctor’s opinion if the first one seems too narrow and doesn’t feel right. As your emotions settle in, however wide and flooding they may seem at first, your body will get in tune with the real world and start serving you as you listen to its actual needs. See the immense effect you have on your physiology by simply allowing yourself to feel.

Love and Family

The year begins with Venus in your sign, exalted and ready to fall in love, get carried away, go with the flow, and do many stupid things if needed just to keep the romance going. Still, the reality of the matter will prove to stand as a pillar of your intimate interactions day after day, and the frustration isn’t meant to push you to give up on the ideal, but to see the actual background of any story and see that realism doesn’t take away emotions, nor do emotions take realism away, when they are healthy and true.

Solid plans and relationships with focus might be brought to life in the summertime, when you least expect things to last. Give in without expectation and see where true and deep energies will take you. Those of you who are already taken may expect a move, a new place to live, or even a new family member in months to come. Still, dishonesty threatens any long-term bond and it is of outmost importance to stay open and honest yourself, while listening to your inner voices that never lied to you to begin with.

Work and Finances

Even though this year brings promise of success and financial progress, you should truly be careful with promises made and paperwork signed, especially in months of February and March. Stay alert, check everything twice, and don’t jump in over your head into things that don’t seem realistic. A nine to five job could become too much to handle, especially if you have other hobbies and ventures on the side. See your options clearly and try not to rush into solutions that take away your sense of security, while at the same time holding on to the belief that your feel of the moment has never been wrong.

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