Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope for 2019

2019 Sagittarius Horoscope

Spirit: Expansion, Philosophy, Optimism, Travel.
Color: Sapphire Blue.
Places to visit: Great Britain, Chile, New Zealand.
Things to learn: Unusual Myths, Philosophy, Capoeira.

The General Feel

All the way through 2019, up until December, Jupiter will be at home, in a safe zone of your Sun sign. This is a highly protective time when many things in lives of Sagittarius representatives will fall into place, expand, grow, and lead in directions that feel right in the core of one’s heart. Positive turnouts are possible and convictions you’ve nurtured your whole life will finally lead to manifestations and material fulfillments that are as grand as your personality. Dignity and morals play a large part of the year, and your life’s philosophy will prove truthful and easy to follow for you and everyone blessed by your presence in their life.

Although your finances won’t reflect on your rich inner state, the situation will be stable, and plans made are about to prove useful and realistic. Your expectations are finally set in place, but your tendency to run off from troubling issues might take over any moment. Be truthful and open for interactions that require openness and honesty, in ways that allow you to break out of your comfort zone and embark on a new adventure. Shoot for the stars and remember your child within, for it will take you on a missionary’s path you were always meant to follow.

The Greatest Challenges

Although your financial situation stands for a challenge itself, the bigger issue comes as your ability to understand what you’re worth. Trying to avoid ego battles and standing out with your head in the clouds, you will easily mistreat yourself and take away your own value in close relationships, and the collective. Your positive spirit should be called by its real name, and you shouldn’t dial it down to negative connotations just because someone sees you as less responsible or childish. Relate from a safe distance and stay aware of the importance of your role in lives of other people, even if they don’t see it clearly.

The Greatest Rewards

This is a year filled with travel of mind and body, and things are easily learned and absorbed. You are ready for different cultures, relations with foreigners and those whose perspectives differ greatly from your own, and you can finally see the ice melting in your heart and in all your relationships, including professional ones. You are ready to set sails, choose a new direction, and follow the ideal that sparks the light in your heart, instead of sticking to rational choices that limits you to mental realms and distance you from materializing visions that inspire you.

Physiology and Body

Some of you will gain weight, others might expect an addition to the family or something grand to come out of their workouts. With all things that are about to grow, it is important to pay attention to the condition of your skin as a representative for your personal boundaries to the outer world. With high hopes and ambition in your mind, your eyesight could remind you of wrongly set plans and decisions, and you might need regular control of blood sugar levels and other parameters in your bloodstream. Stay away from alcohol and all mind-altering substances, keeping your physiology as closest to its natural state as possible.

Love and Family

Too many hopes and dreams might interfere with your personal and emotional issues. Although you are ready for grand love stories, especially during the summer months and in September, you are also turned to your own benefit and need to balance out your personal life with others in order to connect in the first place. Socialize and share your positive attitude, so the real image of you can be created and those who love you may see the core of personality you wish to show. Distances are calling on you, new perspectives and knowledge too, and this could push you away from family matters, your children and spouse. Don’t let high hopes and big plans take you away from loving bonds you value the most, especially not if you can bring them all on your trips and teach them how to expand their horizons.

Work and Finances

This isn’t exactly a brilliant time for financial decisions, but your situation is stable for the most part. All large investments will take time, loans and credits will have to be paid off, and you’ll need all the strength, focus and organization you have, in order to build a healthy foundation for your future. Pay attention to strict deadlines, and respect yourself and your emotional needs every step of the way. As prosperous as this year is, you will blossom in creative areas of expertise, or those that help you share your experiences, such as teaching and training others, so they can achieve grand and fulfilling goals. Take on the role of a teacher, preacher, and the one person to understand blessings found in everyone’s path.

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