Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope for 2020

2020 Sagittarius Horoscope

Spirit: Focus, Rest, Baggage, Meditation.
Color: Oxford Blue.
Places to visit: Easter Island, Iceland, Vietnam.
Things to learn: Skiing, Oil Painting, Cooking.

The General Feel

An intense year for Sagittarius representatives, 2020 will bring numerous challenges and rewards in a quick and adventurous pace. With Jupiter in Capricorn, fallen and off edge, many of you will feel the energy drop and be faced with tedious responsibilities that must be taken care of in order to reach the state of financial and material security. Still, for those willing to work hard enough and focus their energy in its entirety on the goal, this is a time when visions will get their point of grounding, come to life, and finally bring fruits to the table, touchable, usable and real. Some delusions will inevitably be broken along the way and certain beliefs and attitudes will have to change cardinally and deeply. Such changes will be the ones you are most grateful for after the journey takes you to your destination.

Rapid changes, turns and breakups are possible, and stability plays the key factor in your decisions. You wish to build the structure needed for actual progress, both professional and within your relationships, but this won’t be possible until you take all facts into consideration and hold on to healthy distance from opinions and intrusions of other people. Protect what is yours, keep your wallet safe and your finances hidden from the public eye. Privacy of your personal issues is about to rise sky high, as it should, and your openness will finally become productive instead of compromising your frailty and your inner world.

The Greatest Challenges

Facing reality may come as a shock to some, but you are prepared to take the fall in order to build something that serves the right purpose. Some goals won’t be reached, and you might lack cognitive understanding of reasons and the meaning behind the circumstances in your life. Even though everything will inevitably find its place, your brain won’t help as much as your heart might, and you’ll need your faith in place to see the hidden message of your own circumstances in life. There are no coincidences and the greater order will inevitably be established. All you can truly do is let go, enjoy the ride, and take responsibility for your own creative process.

The Greatest Rewards

Financial security and your own sense of reasonable and realistic abilities will come to light, opening numerous doors for you to go through. Circumstances are about to become as supportive as ever, and for as long as you don’t overthink things, the simplicity of life will carry rewards that excite you and make you thankful. This is a good time for high professional goals and hard work, when progress comes in a realistic pace and in tune with your efforts and the energy you put in.

Physiology and Body

To maintain hormonal balance and consequentially keep your unpredictable emotions in a haven, you will need a routine that supports movement, walking, and enough physical activity in months to come. This is a good time to enroll in training courses of any kind, to exercise and build muscle strength that will carry you through any ordeal. Learn to seek physical balance between activity and rest, each day at a similar time, jumping into a movable morning routine and meditating or simply lying around in the afternoon. This will allow the mind to clear up and make room for practical activities that lead you towards the goal without much questioning.

Love and Family

Just as the spring approaches, your urge to set free and meet new people will arise, especially in lives of single Sagittarius representatives that got stuck in solitude for longer than they wanted. This is a time when uninhibited sexuality plays an important part of a certain emotional process, and the two need to connect in purity of heart, where you will feel free to express your feelings without restriction or shame.

Stay in touch with your emotions, allowing them to simply be, however complicated or dark they might get. True guidance comes from feelings you recognize, and the lunar eclipse in your Sun sign in June won’t help issues that need to heal if you don’t get in touch with yourself first. Instead of resolving any issue through a relationship, see where you stand first, and only then give your trust to the point of personal boundary. December takes your sign’s ruler to the freeing Aquarius, and after certain long-term bonds found their rightful place, you will find the liberation of heart and opportunities to be in love and free to act on impulse, as adventurous and loving as ever.

Work and Finances

Actions made in January and March, new projects and startups that need time to evolve, will bring their benefits by the end of the year and set up a strong foundation for the future. This is a time when financial stability plays the most important part of your professional endeavors. Even if you work as a freelancer, you will expect regular payments and feel the need to set a standard that gives room to planning and a future within your control. Whichever goals you set, stick to them until the destination is reached, and move forwards step by step, not allowing too many distractions.

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