Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope for 2023

2023 Sagittarius Horoscope

Spirit: Creativity, Pleasure, Food, Purpose.
Color: Scarlet.
Places to visit if possible: Iceland, South African Republic, Easter Island.
Things to learn: Family Constellations, Capoeira, Playing the Piano.

The General Feel

For a couple of years, you were challenged to set free from old ties and turn to something new. This will continue in 2023 up to May, when Jupiter finally finds materialization in the sign of Taurus, the sign of earthly pleasures and sensuality. It is possible that you’ll have several more fights for justice and your own place in the world before the summer, but you know what you wish to focus on, and won’t compromise your freedom for anyone else’s agenda or expectations anymore. You’ve done enough for others and wish to do something for yourself in months to come.

Starting with the summer, you will have a chance to work on your wellbeing, your routine, and get the financial security that had its ups and downs in the past. This is a time when your habits become clearly connected to circumstances in your life. Read synchronicities and signals that the Universe sends your way, showing you what needs more work to keep on moving in the right direction. If you focus on the body, the mind will follow through and give you all the necessary tools to bring your visions to life and get closer to the ideal that has been inviting and inspiring for years.

The Greatest Challenges

There is a demeaning tone to certain relationships, values are about to reshape and you won’t have much room to tolerate things that usually go unseen and continue under the veil of common compromise. Losing patience might be a good thing for you at this time, but it is important to know your own limits when relating to others. Try not to put your head through a wall when your inner world is in need of healing. Support your inner child, give yourself permission to be vulnerable around others, and watch how they behave before jumping in to give more, do more, and expect more where there is less capacity than you may think.

The Greatest Rewards

Living in the moment and embracing small pleasures of life bring you peace. There is nothing you can know for certain about the future and a visionary such as yourself has had a hard time accepting this. Important and valuable rewards come touchable and real, in the world that you are creating every day, as soon as you let go of what-ifs and sense what you feel right now. Emotional acceptance is the biggest reward you can give to yourself.

Physiology and Body

With Jupiter entering your sixth house, health is generally supported but long-term problems have a tendency to grow. You could get some weight or have issues with eyesight that need to be addressed. Things you don’t wish to see in the world could come back through physiology, and dishonesty with Self is your body’s enemy. Try to stay in control of your routine. The mind takes over easily and pulls you into patterns that are in some way toxic. If you suffer from allergies, months of spring could bring intense reactions to your surroundings. Pay attention and carefully choose your meals, to enjoy them and support your intense and adventurous lifestyle.

Love and Family

There is a lot of strain to your emotional world in 2023. While you may think of yourself as free and unbound, matters of family and intimate, peaceful contacts come to focus, and some stagnant ties cannot be avoided anymore. Things that you’d usually resolve by a short trip, a change of perspective and scenery, get a stronger grip on your daily life and you’ll have to do something specific about relationships that don’t fit your moral norms or your internal structure of values. If you prolong what makes you unhappy, you will be challenged with repetition until you put your feelings on top of your priority list.

Honesty is imperative and you will not stand for anything shady anymore. As straightforward and openhearted as you can be, you will need to slow down, breathe, and bring calmness to your world to be able to fully express your inner state. Some of you will face a profound fear of intimacy or abandonment. Keep in mind that it is a process that needs to round up, so you can connect on healthy foundations, having faith in your own ability to assess the situation and trust your feelings instead of rationalizing challenging situations in your life.

Work and Finances

You are well on your way. Even though you are used to changes, this is a year when you will crave stability and this will reflect on your routine and your finances. Although it might be hard to stick to the plan, calculate expenses or think about structure, you have a chance to find actual grounding in the field of expertise that suits your authentic needs. You are ready to give a helping hand, be practical, and seek motivation instead of rushing for any distant goal. Doing what you love makes it easy to work as much as necessary to achieve a goal and this is to be kept in mind if you had to meet expectations of others in the past, getting stuck in long hours and routines that don’t use your talents or make you feel truly productive.

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