Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope for 2022

2022 Sagittarius Horoscope

Spirit: Love, Divination, Togetherness, Toxic.
Color: Viridian.
Places to visit if possible: Cambodia, Estonia, New York.
Things to learn: A New Language, Holotropic Breathwork, Cooking.

The General Feel

The Sun in Sagittarius waits for 2022 as a year of opportunity when incredible doors might open when enough faith is invested in the journey. This is mostly a positive time with Jupiter strong in Pisces, but it is also a year for questioning ties to the past, to family, and all those whose presence brings restrictions and limitations into your life. Togetherness may feel like a burden, as well as all matters of the heart, if they don’t bring joy and help your heart heal. New bruises won’t be handled well, but as new boundaries are set, you should be well on your way.

April and May are filled with all sorts of new energies open, bright, and incredibly strong. Too much talk could distract you and make things seem less significant than they really are for your own heart. Sharing should be in some way limited, until you know where you stand and what you can do with the round of situations you got. Process things first and think about other people later, leaving room for your inner voice to speak louder than any others. Status may be disappointing as well as all public presentations, but your emotional world is richer than ever, and you have a chance to develop new patterns that will magnify your successes in the future.

The Greatest Challenges

With Sagittarius representatives typically extroverted and open about their intentions, tough lessons might come if they speak to the wrong people about intimate things and ideas. Keeping information to yourself may be your biggest challenge, for no amount of trust can back up the feeling that you need to build within you before proceeding out, into the world. Even the greatest friends or lovers may affect your choices poorly, by simply having different systems of beliefs than your own. Resist the urge and work towards a goal in silence.

The Greatest Rewards

The most extreme themes in 2022 are true love, Divine love, and support of the Universe. Those who have been blessed by positive spirits have a chance to prosper and discover that what they wish for is right there, within reach. An extremely potent year such as this one may bring disappointment if expectations rise above the level of realities you choose to live in. Be careful to keep your grounding, keep your feet moving, and protect your valuables and ideas from those who unintentionally use them for their own imagery of Self. Small ego has no place in your chase for childlike joy and inspiration. Embrace every opportunity with an open heart.

Physiology and Body

Every health concern points out the level of broken boundaries and mistrust in your own emotions along the way. Without clear boundaries and your personal space valued the most, it won’t be easy to keep your lungs and heart safe. Keep walking and engage in a routine that is both healthy and flexible enough to not put you under strict control. Work and different circumstances may limit movement, keep you tied to a seat or in front of a computer. Make sure you compensate for lack of contact with Nature to keep the contact with the material world that is needed the most right now. Walking helps with any psychosomatic issues or depressive thoughts, preventing your mind to drift off into parallel worlds that drain your positive beliefs away over time, teasing you with daydreams and unrealistic views on your own ideals.

Love and Family

It seems like 2022 is a love story just waiting to be told, but it is really a time of numerous emotional ties that may serve your benefit – or not. It is important to be careful and true to yourself, leave enough time for meditation and spiritual work, so you can separate your true desires from those that leave you hungry or holding on to unrealistic expectations. You know what you love, and stability is reached as you relax your body and get in touch with what you already know is true, so you can make steps that are needed. This could be a time of grand movements and transitions when entire families are taken to live on another continent by their Sagittarius member.

Pushing forwards is the only natural way to live your life at the moment. Dissatisfaction and difficult emotions in certain bonds tend to fade by the summer or culminate to remind you that you have very little to do with them in the first place. Set free but don’t hide from dark or burdening emotions that find settlement in your heart. Some relationships and romances might break with a bang, but others are to be discovered that offer something entirely different, in tune with your truest need of the heart.

Work and Finances

The beginning of the year may promise partnerships and shared efforts towards a professional goal, but by the end of summer, grounds are shaken, and it becomes clear that you are on your own. Although you may treasure the exact amount of energy given by another person, you must also keep the structure solid even if you part ways. New projects and innovative solutions bring the best results. Your finances directly depend on your readiness to take on a new path and do something out of the ordinary, no matter how surroundings might react. Let life take you on a new journey and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

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