Yearly Scorpio Horoscope for 2021

2021 Scorpio Horoscope

Spirit: Liberate, Remember, Goals, Patience.
Color: Tyrian Purple.
Places to visit after the pandemic: Jordan, New Zealand, Morocco.
Things to learn: Skiing, Gardening, Kama Sutra.

The General Feel

This year is not exactly off to a great start for the world of Scorpios, as relationships are driven by Uranus fallen in your seventh house and Mars in detriment is about to join in as soon as January begins. There will be no more room for messing with personal freedom, possessive bonds and jealousy, and you wish to leave them all behind in the course of 2021. Secrets are about to be revealed and what was well-hidden in the past tends to burst out. Information will come when you don’t expect them to and when you don’t feel ready to deal.

Luckily, you are energized and have what it takes to handle matters that reached their ending point, turns and breaks that have been necessary for a while. Stale energies will no longer do, and you could decide to embark on last-minute adventures, push through, change course and choose a new profession, partner, or home. In the middle of grand changes, you will find satisfaction and joy as all Scorpios do, and nothing will stand in your way once you test the waters and see that it is safe for you to do what it takes to make yourself happy.

The Greatest Challenges

Repetitive and thorough squares of Saturn and Uranus are deeply felt through your seventh and fourth house, leading to emotional storms that are not easy to handle. They show struggle between the safety of your home and your desire to break the pattern and change something so drastic that you are not sure if you have the skills or the bravery to do so. Faith is challenged and so is your mind. Stay active and on the move, making your physiology strong enough for the future to land on a supportive platform. Get your body in order and circumstances will not spin out of control as intensely as they tend to.

The Greatest Rewards

Autumn months bring times of more peace when work should be set aside for long enough to make room for personal matters to unfold. The support of your instinct is even stronger than usual and faith in yourself will grow over challenges that take place in the beginning of the year. Moments of solitude should be treasured. Meditation and spiritual work may bring miracles your way as you let go to the full potential of your open mind.

Physiology and Body

The first half of this year will challenge your physiology and bring a lot of tension on your plate. Listen to your body, meditate, and relax whenever you can. The spasms will affect your immune system and could spark up the response for battle, leading to kidney or liver problems if aggression isn’t used constructively. The process of liberation you are now going through is in connection to your central nervous system and requires time and patience that you might run out of from time to time. The end of June is best spent resting so you can avoid the pressure that the working routine makes on both your psychological and physical reality.

Love and Family

While you are energized enough to fight for numerous professional goals, your emotional world is not in such a good position in the beginning of the year. Take your time and give yourself and others the space to create appropriate distances and avoid intrusions on your decisions and beliefs. Wrong moral imperatives stand in the way and dishonesty could come as a shock or push you over the edge if trust is lacking within intimate contacts. Instead of turning to destructive jealousy, stay constructive with yourself and keep your worth in mind every step of the way. If something is not working out, perhaps you simply need to take one step further and find contacts that make you smile.

Keep yourself safe from manipulation and any form of emotional blackmail. Order must be brought into your relationship and the family should stand as a supportive foundation for everything that grows out in the field of romance. Don’t settle and don’t compromise too much or you might burst into freedom being fed up with too many restrictions that tainted your world lately. Give yourself room to breathe and spend enough time alone to regenerate, recharge, and metabolize feelings that rise from contacts you have every day.

Work and Finances

This is a tough but constructive year for private and family businesses and being your own boss sounds like a good idea right now. Since cooperation and partnerships might stress you out, always have a plan B down your sleeve, one that only you know of and have what it takes to commit to, alone. Ambition will take you far as well as hard work, just make sure you take the time needed to process the emotional hum in the background of every choice made. Important projects will be finished, and long-term commitments could finally set you free with large bonuses to follow. If you see injustice and don’t feel valued, this is a time to stand up for yourself or walk away from surroundings that no longer feel right. Do what you love, and the creative process will multiply the energy and love you carry within as instincts give directions through any challenge in the way.

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