Yearly Taurus Horoscope for 2017

2017 Taurus Horoscope

Spirit: Idealism, Love, Protection, Life.
Color: Dark Pink.
Places to visit: Hawaii, Italy, New Zealand.
Things to learn: Dream Analysis, Watercolor Painting, Diving .

The General Feel

This year will begin with a sense of liberation and love, providing you with a strong impulse to fulfill your desires and create an idealistic environment you always wanted to be found in. Friendships will blossom and some might even turn to romantic involvements, bonds that will last for a lifetime, or platonic loves that you can’t seem to bring down to Earth. Already at the end of January some strange vibes are to be expected, and everything will turn off course, change pace, move in an opposite direction from the one you wish for, culminating in March with Venus in retrograde motion. Spring will be marked by the need to return, be done with all unfinished business, especially in realms of emotional life and partnership. Debts will have to be repaid and money won’t come in usual ways, but this will only improve your appetites, and set you free from worrying about it as much as you’re used to.

As autumn approaches, efforts you put in and modesty you chose will light the way and help you build a strong basis for new relationships. Have faith for a while longer as Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio in October, shining bright in your seventh house, and bringing great loves, marriage, productive partnerships and relationships with optimistic, fun, educated people into your life.

The Greatest Challenges

Your faith will be tested for as long as Jupiter is in your sixth house and the sign of Libra, and although this can bring some benefits to your health and work routine, it will be hard to find the right direction to focus in. Springtime will bring a lot of emotional challenges, sensitivity and belief questioning. Change perspective often, look for answers in people with a different view, and stay open for travel, new teachings and everything that gives your life a sense of purpose.

The Greatest Rewards

Autumn brings blessings into the field of your relationships, making everything bright and more promising than it has been in a while. Enjoy turns for the better, changes that lead to everything you ever dreamed of, and discover who truly speaks to your heart.

Physiology and Body

While Jupiter in your sixth house speaks of protection and its beneficent effects on your body, it could also speak of problems that you haven’t dealt with in time growing larger. Signals you get from your physiology shouldn’t be neglected, especially when it comes to hormonal changes and matters of overall balance. Try not to overeat or overdo anything that doesn’t feel right, even if your self-destructive ambitions take over. Avoid drugs, alcohol and nicotine as much as you can, for your world and your mental state could be tainted by their effects for months to come. By the end of December, you should be ready to handle chronic conditions and everything you weren’t able to resolve for years. Be patient and have enough rest in order to keep your mind and body clean and free of toxins and stress.

Love and Family

While you will be turned to emotional issues throughout this whole year, it won’t be until autumn that you’ll get a chance to truly resolve them. It will be almost impossible to find the right way to act with your motives, morals and direction in life being tested. You need to find purpose to each one of your relationships. Use August and September to communicate with family members and those who are close to your heart, about hurtful experiences and issues you pushed aside when you weren’t ready to deal. While spring will inspire you and remind you of the bloom of life and love, it won’t be enough to materialize your desires and goals through solid bonds and constant feelings of love. Do everything you can to enjoy every second of beauty you have and wait for the middle of October to start any new emotional ventures, get married, or make large changes to your romantic life.

Work and Finances

This is one of those years when you will be wildly supported in all of your professional efforts, for as long as they bring enough gain and knowledge your way. While spring is reserved for fix ups and all matters that weren’t done well the first time around, already in April you will see products of your hard work show and benefit thanks to the energy you put in. Hesitation at this time is healthy and speaks of your better judgment, so don’t give in to inner battles trying to be rational instead of following your hunch. Once you listen to your senses and start dealing with issues pointed towards your true goals, you will have the opportunity to form a productive partnership and implement your knowledge in the best possible way.

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