Yearly Taurus Horoscope for 2018

2018 Taurus Horoscope

Spirit: Stable, Serious, Deep, Together.
Color: Pine Green.
Places to visit: Egypt, Finland, Nepal.
Things to learn: Skiing, Family Tree, History of a Country.

The General Feel

The sense of responsibility won’t leave you, no matter the positive and light circumstances in your way. This is the year of positive changes, new adventures in your emotional world and partnerships you always hoped for, but it is also a time of large shifts and disappointments that will greatly affect some of your close relationships. Letting go will lead to new adventures and holding on to the past won’t serve your ideals and goals well. The autumn offers a glimpse into the past, reunites you with those you once parted ways with, and gives you a chance to face your demons and see beauty in everything you feel and touch. The world will reward you through other people and relationships filled with surprises and depth. Let others into your world, but be sure to respect your boundaries at all times.

For the most part, you will enjoy the move of Saturn to Capricorn, making things approachable and easier. Responsibilities finally won’t seem like a rock tied around your feet, but as opportunities for personal growth and development. The structure set to your system of beliefs will allow manifestation and a practical approach to life, learning, and everything you wish to aim for.

The Greatest Challenges

March and July stand as a foundation to rebuild your power and your world, but challenge your sense of self-worth. Restless and too modest to make a change, you could get frustrated and become unaware of the importance of your own emotions in the attempt to give others what they need. The greatest challenge of all comes in October when Venus turns retrograde in its detriment in Scorpio, for emotional issues will be dug out that aren’t easy to face. However, changes made at this time allow you to clarify what is unclear and cleanse your emotional world of baggage you have been dragging around with you for a long time.

The Greatest Rewards

Relationships in your life will clarify and you’ll gain a clear vision of the direction you wish to take and who you want to be with, socialize with, and spend time with. Laughter will define your path and the feeling of joy shouldn’t leave you around those who cherish your colorful personality. Sing, dance, and give yourself time to relax and do what you love to do.

Physiology and Body

Restrictions, too much work, and pressure you could be feeling in the beginning of 2018 could create a spasm in your muscles and make you less energized than you’d like to be. You will need exercise, a lot of movement and physical activity to keep yourself balanced and this shouldn’t be taken lightly in months to come. If you are tired and seem lazy to other people, it is a strong signal that you need sleep and enough activity in the physical world to be able to cope with everyday activities in other areas of life. Sensitivity of the body is emphasized in July and while others take the best this summer has to offer, you will feel down, your immunity weakened and psychosomatic issues possible. Take your vitamins and choose alternative methods of healing to raise your energy levels and feel good throughout 2018.

Love and Family

With a clear sense of direction in life, this is a year of emotional turbulence with positive turns and results. Situations and relationships that don’t seem promising will bring a lot of joy your way, and those you expect most from could let you down. Leave expectations aside and try to see things for what they are. Love in your heart will be awakened when you bring your guard down and allow others to show their true colors and roles in your life. July, August and October tend to return you to states you were once in, with people you once knew. Giving a chance to relationships that ended in the past might seem like a good idea at this time, and it probably will be, for this allows clarifications and brings answers needed to close some chapters and move on in one direction, or the other.

Work and Finances

This year is here for learning and processes that take a lot of time to be implemented fully. Choose long-term projects over quick solutions and fixes, aware that your strength lies in endurance and the state of mind that allows you to organize and sort things out when others fail. Growth is possible through public performances and hidden charities, as well as partnerships that complete your character with different views and inner (or outer) wealth of the person standing in front of you. Give things time and slowly conquer what is in front of you, without too many expectations to blur your image. Focus brings victory and rest will give focus. Keep this in mind every step of the way.

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