Yearly Virgo Horoscope for 2019

2019 Virgo Horoscope

Spirit: Research, Depth, Emotion, Perspective.
Color: Harvest Gold.
Places to visit: Tibet, Brazil, France.
Things to learn: Dream Analysis, Piloting, Constellations.

The General Feel

Guided by deep energies and ready to find your answers and finally commit to the right course of action, you tend to forget the importance of emotions meant to guide you on your path. This is a year when feelings need to untangle in order for anything rational and grounded to succeed, and you won’t move very far if you start resisting the flow that tosses you from one shore onto the other. Delays are possible, and you shouldn’t run away from deep issues that scream for your attention or bury yourself with work to avoid dealing with what you are already feeling. Care for your state of heart to heal and regenerate, making yourself ready for deep, positive changes once again.

Creativity will be rewarded, especially one that has been nurtured from a young age. This is a year for your talents to blossom, to take you in a direction you always dreamed of taking, and many positive turnouts are possible if you are open to see them coming to life. It will be important to socialize, gather information from many different sources, and open your heart to those who aren’t really understanding and kind as you’d like them to be. Summer months bring challenges that break off old friendships and bonds, but also help you build a profound and true foundation for all your future social contacts and new professional choices that need to be made by the end of the year.

The Greatest Challenges

Days of confusion will come and go, especially in March with the retrograde move of Mercury, and you could put your trust in the wrong people, a partner with a weak moral compass, or individuals with hidden intentions that don’t support you. Disappointments come as a consequence of your detachment from emotions meant to protect you, and you are only to learn about your true position and the truth carried in your heart that serves a purpose of its own, guiding you towards inspiration and your true mission in life.

The Greatest Rewards

Once you embrace the fact that you need intimacy with others to build your support system and spend enough time at home in contemplation and solitude, you will discover new paths to follow and open doors that you forgot you even wanted to open in the past. As the rush of spring comes to its end and you find yourself stable on your own two feet, new projects will come with ease and special grace, as if to salute everything you’ve done right. Instead of making sacrifices, think of ways to value yourself, your work, and help others who share your path.

Physiology and Body

Main topic in lives of Virgos might be a bit different this year, for physical issues will start to point out their emotional foundation and you’ll no longer be able to separate the two. As you discover new ways to listen to yourself, you will also find new ways to heal, and any chronic conditions could be resurfacing one too many times, until you connect them with certain emotional patterns in your life. Liver and bile could suffer from an unsupportive lifestyle, anger or resentment. Stay flexible, do yoga, stretching, and care for your lower back especially in March and October.

Love and Family

Single Virgos will be looking for something serious, as they are ready to commit and find their emotional focus. Those of you already involved and in long-term relationships could choose to make a step forwards, but things might get a bit too serious and rational for the amount of dreamy romance you actually need. Spark up your love life yourself, bring in some magic, organize fireworks and candlelight dinners even if you see them as cheesy, and do something to relax with your loved ones as often as possible. Your family could see you as too distant at times, but you’ll need your boundaries safe, so you can truly be intimate in times of need. Spend as much time as you need to alone, so you can get in touch with yourself first and be ready for full emotional contact with anyone else.

Work and Finances

As soon as New Year’s Eve has passed, you will rush into important projects, governed by goals that you feel inspired by. Some obstacles could be found in your way, but most of your efforts will succeed and be rewarded over the course of the next few months. Although this year could bring a lot of success, you are to think about your home, family life, and leave some of your professional and financial obligations to take care of themselves. The amount of stress you’ve been feeling should be halved as you choose to have some fun along the way too, freely and deliberately.

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