Yearly Virgo Horoscope for 2020

2020 Virgo Horoscope

Spirit: Profession, Wandering, Walk, Responsible.
Color: Bronze.
Places to visit: Spain, Argentina, Tunisia.
Things to learn: Management, Rock Climbing, Water Skiing.

The General Feel

The intensity of 2020’s beginning in lives of Virgos will set the bar for the entire year ahead of the road. Many things will get done, professional issues will be on the rise, and immense, long-term projects are about to be finished just when they seem to be losing their purpose. This is a deeply healing year, one with actual physical advantages, and all chronic conditions and rough breaks are a part of a much bigger whole. Give reality a chance before dismissing your options as unlikely to succeed. If you rely on your own structure and inner compass, you will get everything in order, one step at a time.

The deep processes from the year’s start are about to dial down, leaving room for light and innovative processes starting with March and April. Sharp turns as pressuring circumstances preoccupy your life are possible with the beginning of autumn. You should be careful not to compromise to extremes when your only desire is to get your emotional world fed with joy and laughter. This is a year when new contacts are about to last and with clear boundaries, you can actually remain in joyful relationships that put a smile on your face.

The Greatest Challenges

As the Sun falls after it leaves your sign in September, you could be challenged to rush towards material realities and financial solutions that aren’t realistic. Don’t make choices out of spite and make sure you aren’t led or governed in any way by other people’s opinions. The pressure of the outer world might influence your decisions when you really need them to yourself. Put your own heart on top of your priority list so you can set free from collective beliefs that keep you away from your personal goals.

The Greatest Rewards

The most important thing that 2020 brings your way is the ability to see what is real, create a solid plan, and stick to it until the point of realization is there to be reached for. You are ready to get in tune with times, personal responsibility, and any collective requirement that allows steady progress. With a clear and obvious goal, you will approach your own ideals with a certain ease, accepting any circumstance as a natural part of life. Faith in ways of the Universe, the Field surrounding you every day, is about to give structure and a strong push forwards to your heart.

Physiology and Body

On occasions, your concerns will rise even though you are doing everything in your power to keep your physiology clean and your body healthy. It is important to stick to a certain routine that allows enough rest, or life might send warning signs through inflammation and all sorts of inner processes that require fluids and rest. Take your time and be patient with yourself, so your professional and rational strivings don’t create a false substitute for a good night’s sleep. Stay away from toxic substances, giving your liver time to regenerate and heal some of the emotional wounds that it collected over the years.

Love and Family

To wrap up certain emotional processes, many Virgos will have to turn to the past throughout the first half of the year. Retrograde movement of Venus in Gemini will be deeply felt in May and June, giving a new emotional goal to reach and clearing the path towards loving activities. Love for work will prove to be just as important as love for any person, but these should be separate in your heart and mind, so they don’t begin to pose as one another’s substitute by the end of the year. To understand the equal importance of all areas of life, family goals should be set in realistic tones. This is a time for weddings, proposals, new family members and big renovations in your home. Use your gifts wisely, with an open heart.

New beginnings could come alongside new endings, and some relationships will turn upside-down even though they have seemed stable for years. Some solitude is advised, so you can separate your own emotions from those of others and find clarity in the way you wish to focus on your emotional world. Not everything needs to be shared and you should keep some information to yourself, but dishonesty could lead to chain reactions and problems that you would rather avoid. Face your shadows along the way so you can stay close, intimate, and happy with those who love you the most.

Work and Finances

A year of hard work is before you, but this is something Virgos are typically used to. Get your obligations in order and prioritize from the start, or you might get carried away into too many activities that drain your energy away. Have enough rest, use your vacation as it was meant to be used, and don’t sacrifice your spare time and personal life for any financial goal. Even though the sense of security might be shaken for a while, November and December bring new solutions your way and open your career path for a raise, or for new stable earnings.

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